Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Meeting 1 (February 3, 2018)Tinley Park residents, with the support of the Tinley Park Police Department, are joining together to form the new Tinley Park Neighborhood Watch program. Groups are forming now. If you are interested in helping to protect your community, please call (708) 444-5326 or email

The Neighborhood Watch program helps participants:

  • Create a greater sense of security through neighborhood policing
  • Reduce the risk of being a crime victim
  • Learn how to observe and report suspicious activity in their neighborhood
  • Get to know their neighbors
  • Gain greater access to criminal activity information
  • Receive ongoing training in how to protect yourself and your property
  • Post Neighborhood Watch signs that tell criminals the people in that area aren’t easy targets, and that criminals are being watched
  • Meet on a regular basis to address issues of mutual interest

Crime Prevention Tips
  • Report suspicious activity to 9-1-1
  • Lock outside doors and windows before leaving your house
  • Keep garage doors and access doors closed
  • Check doors, windows and garage doors before bed
  • Ensure cars are locked and valuables are out of view
  • Have adequate exterior lighting
  • Keep a light on inside your home when you are away
  • Use a home alarm system
  • Don’t allow newspapers, mail, etc. to accumulate outside when you’re on vacation
  • Talk to your neighbors