Street Lighting

Street light outages can be reported through either the Report a Concern form or by phone at (708) 444-5500. Work is expected to be completed within 14 business days.

LED Streetlights

The Village of Tinley Park has begun replacing all streetlights on Village-owned right of ways with new LED technology that will provide a substantial annual cost savings, cleaner light and instant notification of outages.

Installation began in October 2016 in the Brementowne subdivision and, due to the cost, the project is phased to about 10 years to completion. Annually, the Village continues to apply for any available energy grants to help offset some of these costs.

The initial phase had about 170 of the streetlights slated for replacement. These streetlights utilize 250-watt bulbs and will be replaced with 12,700-lumen LED lights. The other half, about 190 lights, use 400-watt bulbs and will be replaced with 15,700-lumen LED lights. The new LED lights are cleaner, meaning they shine with the appearance of a white light instead of the traditional yellow light.

"The new LED technology also features instant notification of outages, meaning residents within the project area will no longer have to call in broken street lights to Public Works – we’ll already know about them," said Tinley Park Village Trustee Brian Younker, who also chairs the Public Works Committee.

The annual cost savings to the Village after installing the 360 LED streetlights will be approximately $20,000. In addition, the new lights include a 10-year warranty that will result in an additional $20,000 maintenance savings to the Village over the course of the warranty.

"That’s a significant savings of $40,000 each year for the first 10 years, and that’s only for one segment of town," Facilities and Fleet Superintendent John Urbanski said.

There are about 4,000 street light heads in the Village that will eventually be replaced.