Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration David Niemeyer Village Manager (708)-444-5000
Administration Patrick Connelly Village Attorney (708)-444-5000
Administration Robert Zimmer Executive Assistant to the Mayor (708)-444-5021
Administration Lisa Valley Executive Assistant (708)-444-5000
Administration, Emergency Management Pat Carr Assistant Village Manager (708)-444-5000
Building Department Jean Bruno Office Coordinator (708)-444-5100
Building Department Gene Lode Plumbing Inspector (708)-444-5100
Building Department Mike Chambers Electrical Inspector (708)-444-5100
Building Department Ken Karczewski Code Enforcement (708)-444-5100
Building Department Jim Calomino Code Enforcement (708)-444-5132
Building Department Debbi Thirstrup Building Clerk (708)-444-5100
Building Department Lisa Beck Building Clerk (708)-444-5100
Building Department Barbara Balcerzak Building Clerk (708)-444-5100
Clerk's Office Laura Godette Deputy Village Clerk (708)-444-5000
Clerk's Office Terica Ketchum FOIA Coordinator (708)-444-5000
Economic Development Patrick Hoban Economic Development Manager (708)-444-5100
Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Tim Cardiff Assistant Coordinator (708)-444-5600
Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Cindy Proffitt Administrative Assistant (708)-444-5600
Finance Department Brad Bettenhausen Village Treasurer (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Ruth Gibson Senior Accountant (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Eileen Scholz Senior Accountant (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Amy Bayer Accountant (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Sue Busz Accounts Payable Clerk (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Michael Thomas IT Manager (708)-444-5083
Finance Department Steve Clemmer IT Systems Technician (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Dennis Maleski IT Systems Technician (708)-444-5000
Finance Department Ryan Boling IT Systems Technician (708)-444-5000
Fire Department Forest Reeder Fire Chief (708)-444-5210
Fire Department Stephen Klotz Deputy Fire Chief / Suppression (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Daniel Riordan Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Prevention (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Steven Lorendo Fire Inspector (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Claudette Flowers Office Coordinator (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Eileen Keating Administrative Clerk (708)-444-5200
Health and Consumer Protection Department Malvi Shah Health and Consumer Protection Officer (708)-444-5070
Human Resources Department Denise Maiolo Director of Human Resources (708)-444-5000
Human Resources Department Paula Wagener Interim Deputy Director (708)-444-5090
Human Resources Department Hannah Lipman Administrative Intern (708)-444-5040
Marketing Department Donna Framke Marketing Director (708)-444-5045
Marketing Department Vicki Sanchez Special Events Coordinator (708)-444-5044
Marketing Department Jason Freeman Public Information Coordinator (708)-444-5042
Marketing Department Sue Pall Marketing Assistant (708)-444-5049
Marketing Department Richard Baird Community Engagement Coordinator (708)-444-5043
Marketing Department Joanne Carroll Marketing Assistant (708)-444-5031
Community Development Department Paula Wallrich Community Development Director (708)-444-5100
Commuity Development Department Barbara Bennett Planning Clerk (708)-444-5100
Police Department Steve Neubauer Police Chief (708)-444-5300
Police Department Chris Butler Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Anthony Campbell Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department William Devine Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Charles Faricelli Deputy Chief (708)-444-5300
Police Department Lorelei Mason Deputy Chief (708)-444-5300
Police Department Darren Persha Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department William Ringhofer Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Patrick St. John Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Bob Diorio Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Brian Bishop Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Keith Sullivan Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Public Works Department Kevin Workowski Public Works Director (708)-444-5500
Public Works Department John Urbanski Assistant Public Works Director (708)-444-5500
Public Works Department Kelly Mulqueeny Street Superintendent (708)-444-5500
Public Works Department Jeff Cossidente Interim Water Superintendent (708)-444-5535
Public Works Department Terry Lusby Facilities and Fleet Superintendent (708)-444-5594
Village Board Jacob Vandenberg Mayor (708)-444-5021
Village Board Kristin Thirion Clerk (708)-444-5000
Village Board Cynthia Berg Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board William Brady Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Michael Glotz Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Michael Mangin Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Michael Pannitto Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Brian Younker Trustee (708)-444-5000