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Special Needs Premise Alert

The Tinley Park Police Department and 911 Command Center have implemented a voluntary program designed to assist those with special needs in the event of an emergency.

The free Illinois Premise Alert Program allows individuals with disabilities or special needs and their families or caregivers to register with police, fire and ambulance agencies. The information provided will supply these agencies with potentially life-saving information about the conditions of those with special needs or disabilities if the agencies are called upon to provide emergency service.

Residents can complete the Premise Alert Form to have their address flagged with the particular special needs of themselves or a family member, enabling the dispatcher to quickly inform public safety personnel of the nature of the problem.

Anyone who has a special need, health challenge or disability such as, but not limited to, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, mental health challenges or a complex or rare medical condition who would like first-responders such as the police, ambulance and fire department to know of their special needs can register with the program.

This information only will be shared with emergency personnel. The 911 Center will update this information every two years. If anything should change prior to the two-year update, please contact the Special Needs Premise Alert Coordinator (listed below) as soon as possible. This is a voluntary program and is not required.

Special Needs Premise Alert Coordinator 
Tinley Park Police Department
911 Command Center
7850 W. 183rd St.
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Phone: (708) 532-9111