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Legacy Plan
The Legacy Plan is based on the following Ten Principles that together can guide efforts related to preservation, economic development, infrastructure and urban design in Downtown Tinley Park: 

  1. Preserve Tinley Park’s unique historic heritage
  2. Ensure that new development respects the historic scale and character of Downtown Tinley
  3. Build a strong economic future for Downtown Tinley
  4. Maximize the number of people living within walking distance of the train station
  5. Encourage building mass to peak at the downtown core
  6. Transition from commercial uses to residential uses outside the downtown core
  7. Create a walkable downtown where pedestrians come first
  8. Create a connected roadway framework with small walkable blocks
  9. Promote a green downtown showcasing leadership in preservation of natural resources and sustainable practices
  10. Position Downtown as a focal point of the regional bike path system