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Pavement Management Program
The 2017 Pavement Management Program will resurface or repair 8.93 miles of roadway in the Village. Click here to view a complete list detailing which streets will be resurfaced or patched, and click here for a detailed project map.

Resurfacing work utilizes the heat scarification process, which is an efficient and cost-effective recycling measure. The system heats and then smoothens the existing street asphalt in preparation for a new overlay. Tinley Park has been recognized by the asphalt recycling industry for using this environmentally friendly program.

Please note that heat from the scarification process can cause temporary discoloration of grass and tree leaves near the project, but the color will return in a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Village's Pavement Management Program.

Why isn’t my curb being replaced?
Curbs are designed for drainage. It's unusual for there to be a problem, as most curbs are fine and drain properly. Generally, if a curb needs to be replaced it's because it has shifted, broken or doesn’t drain properly. In order to stay on-budget, the Village must follow its procedure and stay within the guidelines for replacement (and not replace simply for aesthetic reasons). 

What is a driveway apron?
A driveway apron is the parkway portion of your driveway, from the curb to the sidewalk.

Why isn’t my entire apron being replaced?
When a curb is being replaced, a 3-foot section of the apron will be removed before replacement to align the new curb to the driveway. Due to the Village's budget, the entire apron cannot be replaced. In order to get the most curb done for the lowest cost, the Village must focus on operation and not aesthetics.

Why was the sidewalk on the corner removed?
Public Works changes sidewalks on corners to conform to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. If a corner sidewalk does not cross to either a driveway or another ADA-compliant sidewalk, it will be removed and replaced with dirt and sod. 

Why is my grass burned and the leaves falling off my parkway tree?
This happens when the scarifier heats the road and causes the grass to brown and
leaves to fall off. This does not damage the root system of the tree or the grass. They will go dormant temporarily, but will come back.


  1. Concrete and sewers
    1. Curbs and corner sidewalks removed and replaced
    2. Sewers adjusted
  2. Street grinding
  3. Heater scarifier
  4. New asphalt applied
  5. Restorations (dirt and sod)

 For more information, call the Public Works Department at (708) 444-5500.