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Former Central Middle School Site RFQ
This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeks developer qualifications for the redevelopment of a 3.3 acre parcel owned by the Village of Tinley Park and located in our downtown.

Answers to questions on the RFQ 

Based on engineering estimates, 100 percent of the required storm water detention requirements is equal to 1.79 acres. This does not include runoff control. The developer will need to connect to the outlet on the south side of the railroad tracks – approximately 560 feet from the SE corner of the site.

Sanitary Sewer
Any additional construction related to the sanitary sewer capacity will be dependent on the project density.

What is the condition of the ground?
Alta Survey with soil borings was completed. The now-demolished school did not have a basement … no basement fill was required or exists.

Would street closing be allowed on 172nd Street? 
No – 172nd Street would remain open, but the Village would consider working with developer on the closing of part of 173rd Street to the south of the site.

Is it possible for larger bioswale on the north side of property?
No, Midlothian Creek is already located on the north of the site.

TIF Funding
This site is in the Main Street South TIF and, depending on the final approved project, eligible expenses can be paid from the TIF fund on a pay-as-you-go basis. Current codified Village policy provides a maximum TIF benefit of 50 percent of the tax revenue from the project. The TIF is currently in its 12th year of a 23-year life. TIF funds are only provided for eligible expenses, as per state law.