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Legacy Code Text Amendments/Map Amendments
The Village of Tinley Park’s Plan Commission will be holding a Public Hearing for proposed Text Amendments to the Legacy Code (which is Section 12 of the Zoning Ordinance) and related Map Amendments. 

The Plan Commission meeting will be held on March 2, 2017 (Public Hearing) at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Tinley Park Village Hall, located on the east side of the building at 16250 S. Oak Park Avenue.

The proposed Text Amendments include the following topics:
  • Street level commercial requirements;
  • Permitted, special and prohibited land uses;
  • Landscape bufferyard requirements; and
  • Updating various figures, labels and page numbers within the Legacy Code
The proposed Map Amendments (Rezonings) include the following:
  • Rezoning fourteen (14) properties within and near the Legacy District as a result of proposed corrections to Scrivener’s Errors in the legal descriptions for the districts

Other Resources
  • Legacy Code
  • Zoning Ordinance by Section
  • Official Zoning Map
  • General Description of  Legacy Code Zoning Districts (see Section 12 of the Zoning Ordinance [Legacy Code] for more information):
    • DC: Downtown Core (highest density; generally mixed-use buildings)
    • DF: Downtown Flex (flexible zoning to allow a variety of building types)
    • DG: Downtown General (new development would have residential uses)
    • NG: Neighborhood General (new development would have residential uses)
    • NF: Neighborhood Flex ('gateways' to the downtown area; flexible zoning to allow a variety of building types)
    • CV: Civic (buildings primarily for civic uses)
  • General Description of Standard Zoning Districts (see Section 4 and Section 5 of the Zoning Ordinance for more information):
    • R-1 (Single-Family Residential)
    • R-2 (Single-Family Residential)
    • R-3 (Single-Family Residential)
    • R-4 (Single-Family Residential)
    • R-5 (Low Density Residential)
    • R-6 (Medium Density Residential)
    • R-7 (High Density Residential)
    • B-1 (Neighborhood Shopping District)
    • B-2 (Community Shopping District)
    • B-3 (General Business and Commercial District)
    • B-4 (Office and Service Business District)
    • B-5 (Automotive Service District)
    • ORI (Office and Restricted Industrial District)
    • M-1 (General Manufacturing District)


In 2009, the Village of Tinley Park adopted the Legacy Plan for the downtown area of Tinley Park (generally located along Oak Park Avenue from 167th Street to 183rd Street). The creation of the Legacy Plan involved significant public participation and developed a vision for the downtown area. In 2011, the Village adopted the Legacy Code, which created regulations to help achieve the vision within the Legacy Plan. As part of the 2011 Legacy Code adoption, over 350 properties were rezoned to be within one of six new zoning districts within the downtown area (also known as the Legacy District).

On October 6, 2015, Ordinance 2015-O-045 was adopted by the Village Board, which included Text Amendments to the Legacy Code related to Street Level Commercial regulations, modifications to the list of Permitted, Special, and Prohibited Uses, Landscape Bufferyard requirements, corrections to Scrivener's Errors in the legal descriptions for the district boundaries (which involves a Map Amendment), and corrections to various figures within the Legacy Code related to the Scrivener's Errors. On May 17, 2016, the Village Board rescinded Ordinance 2015-O-045 by adopting Ordinance 2016-O-025. Thus, the Legacy Code reverted back to its original version as it was when it was adopted in 2011. When the Village Board rescinded the Text Amendments in Ordinance 2015-O-045, they directed Staff and the Plan Commission to review those Text Amendments. Staff conducted research and reviewed each amendment and provided information to the Plan Commission and the Citizen Advisory Committee. The Plan Commission held a Public Hearing on June 16, 2016, a Workshop on November 3, 2016, and another Workshop on February 2, 2017. The Plan Commission will continue to discuss the Text Amendments and Map Amendments at their February 16, 2017 Workshop and have scheduled a Public Hearing on March 2, 2017 when the Plan Commission may choose to recommend approval for certain Text Amendments and/or Map Amendments, which would then be considered for approval by the Village Board.

About the Scrivener's Errors
Recently, Staff requested that the Village Engineer review the legal descriptions for the properties that were rezoned in 2011 and several clerical errors (known as Scrivener’s Errors) were found. In an effort to correct these errors, the Village Attorney stated that fourteen properties must be properly rezoned in order to correct the discrepancy from the figures in the code and the written description of the zoning districts. The Village is not expanding the Legacy District (except where Property #1 was only partially included in the Legacy District and now will be entirely included) and is only correcting errors to be consistent with the Legacy Plan and the figures within the Legacy Code.