Energy Program

renewable_energy_iStock_vencavolrabThe Tinley Park Village Board in July 2018 approved a new electrical aggregation program with MC Squared Energy Services, LLC.

Following the passage of a 2012 voter referendum, the Village of Tinley Park contracted to procure lower-cost electric supply for residents and small businesses.

In 2018, all of the prices were well above the current average ComEd rate of 7.75 cents. The new option is a modified aggregation program, which will charge residents the ComEd rate, but the electricity provided will be 100% renewable via wind, solar, hydro, methane gas from landfills or renewable energy credits.

“The Environmental Enhancement Commission proudly supports the board’s decision to move forward with the electrical aggregation program,” EEC Chairperson Antonio Halek said. “The electrical aggregation contract has been a topic discussed at EEC meetings for several years now, and we could not be happier with the Village’s commitment to support 100-percent renewable energy, as well as the development of technologies that will provide our residents a healthier environment.”

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