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Combining federal, state and local programs, Village of Tinley Park leaders are committed to providing cost-saving incentives to financially strong companies that broaden the tax base of the community. Incentive packages are company- and location-specific, and may include property tax abatements, sales tax refunds, tax increment financing, employee training dollars, low-cost financing programs, infrastructure improvements and utility cost reductions. Consideration is given to firms that:

  • Provide above-average wages and full benefits to their employees
  • Provide additional tax revenue to the community
  • Provide significant enhancement to the community
For more information, please read the Village of Tinley Park's incentive policy.

Who Can Receive Assistance?
Programs are available to new start-up businesses, existing Tinley Park businesses with expansion needs and existing businesses desiring to establish a location in Tinley Park. Businesses are encouraged to apply before signing any contracts and before beginning construction. Many incentive programs have a "but for" clause that must be met. This means "this project cannot be done 'but for' the assistance of this program." 

Once construction has begun or the purchase has been made, it's probably too late to apply to most programs, so find out what the parameters of the incentives are during the planning stage of the project. Applications will be reviewed to discover if the company meets the qualification requirements making it feasible to proceed with the processing of the request.

View the various types of incentives area businesses may be eligible to receive, or find out more about Incentive Programs in Illinois.

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