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Temporary Outdoor Dining Application

With Phase Three of the State’s “Reopen Illinois” set to allow outdoor dining at restaurants beginning Friday, May 29, the Village wants to make sure all Tinley Park restaurants have the chance to start serving food to customers as soon as possible. To that end, the Village has created a simple, straightforward application process geared at expediting the time from submittal to approval.
Interested restaurant owners/operators can email a completed Temporary Outdoor Dining Application for Tinley Park Restaurants, as well as a sketch of the planned outdoor dining area layout, to Community Development Department staff will reply to the request within one business day of receipt and will schedule the required inspection within two business days.
Businesses who intend to offer outdoor dining will be required to maintain safe social distancing between diners, as well as provide adequate parking for customers and segregate vehicular traffic from dining areas located in a parking lot. Dining areas in parking lots are only allowed on private property. Restaurants looking to use public sidewalks or roadways should contact the Community Development Department at (708) 444-5100. Eligible businesses must hold a current business license and, if applicable, a current liquor license. The restaurant must also be in compliance with all of the Village’s liquor codes. Restaurants who are planning on erecting a tent that is more than 20’x20’ or 400 square feet must also submit a tent permit.
Tinley Park is hungry for your business!