Environmental Enhancement Commission

The policy of the Village of Tinley Park is to provide, maintain and insure a healthful environment for all citizens, as well as for future generations. Environmental damage seriously endangers the fulfillment of this objective. In order to fulfill this obligation, the Environmental Enhancement Commission formulates, prepares and recommends to the Board of Trustees a comprehensive plan that will protect the right of each resident of this community to a healthful environment.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To determine whether or not there presently is any contamination of the air, land and water in the environs of the Village
  2. To formulate, prepare and recommend to the Board of Trustees a comprehensive plan to deal with any such pollution
  3. To formulate, prepare and recommend to the Board of Trustees the adoption of an adequate ordinance which will insure a healthful environment for all citizens of the Village and which should contain, among other things, the following:
    • A provision for the abatement of existing pollution
    • Prohibitory sections in such ordinance which shall render the violation of such provisions unlawful
    • Provisions designed to prevent further pollution of the environment through the use of a permit system, which would serve to regulate the installation of new and altered equipment, having a significant capacity to contaminate the environment
    • A machinery for the enforcement of this division
    • Penalties for any violation of the act, including both civil and criminal penalties
    • Provide that the Village may enforce the ordinance by injunction
  1. To review the existing building code to determine whether or not there are sufficient standards contained in such code to prevent the installation of equipment having a potential for damaging the environment
  2. To hold public hearings to gather necessary information to achieve the aims imposed upon the Environmental Commission by this division and for the general purpose of public understanding
  3. To review the activities of other governmental agencies in the area of environmental control and make recommendation to the Board of Trustees, with a view toward establishing intergovernmental cooperation among all such units of government
  4. To recommend associations with individuals, associations and corporations, in any manner not prohibited by law, to insure a healthful environment for the citizens of the Village
  5. Establish programs for residential, multi-family and businesses for the recycling of materials as established by the current contracted waste hauler
  6. Promote neighborhood beautification in public areas of the Village that have been neglected or under-improved

Antonio Halek

Jeff Mech
Frank Markowicz
Aireen Arellano
Jeffery Loftus

Commission Secretary
Denise Politano

Staff Liaison
Kelly Mulqueeny

Monthly Meetings
The Environmental Enhancement Commission meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month in the Kallsen Center at Tinley Park Village Hall, 16250 S. Oak Park Ave. Agendas, minutes and meeting presentations are posted on the Village website.