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191st Street Project

D Construction recently completed extending 191st Street from Prosperi Drive to Oak Park Avenue, completing the road’s connection from Harlem Avenue to Oak Park Avenue. All roads are now open to traffic. This extension should provide relief at other areas that were previously difficult to pass due to heavy traffic congestion.

Construction included two lanes of through traffic on 191st Street and protected left-turn lanes from Harlem Avenue to just east of Oak Park Avenue. The intersection of Harlem Avenue and 191st Street was also improved with dual left-hand turns at all legs of the intersection, and an exclusive right-turn lane was added to the south leg. A signal was added at the intersection of 191st Street and Oak Park Avenue, with an exclusive right turn lane on the east leg.
Please note that the east leg of 191st Street at Oak Park Avenue is only being used as an access to the amphitheater during events and is not a through street to Ridgeland Avenue.

The Illinois Department of Transportation bid the project on April 28, 2017, with D Construction as the lowest bidder at about $3.3 million. The Village secured federal and state funding to pay for the majority of the improvement and is responsible for approximately 17% of the total project cost.

Project Update (Oct. 15, 2018)
All punch list work has been completed. This project is completed.