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For the Record

March 2, 2017

Spring seems to be arriving early, and I hope everyone is enjoying the relatively mild weather and lack of snow as much as Dave Niemeyer Headshot (small)I am! 

I'd like to discuss an ordinance passed by the Village Board that opts out of recent Cook County laws that increase the minimum wage to $10 per hour starting July 1, 2017 and $13 per hour by 2019 for anyone employed in the county. Cook County also separately approved an ordinance that mandates sick leave for most employees who work in Cook County. 

Because Tinley Park is a home-rule community and spans two counties, we learned we have the ability to opt out of these requirements, and this issue was recently discussed by the Village Board. The issue of whether businesses should be required to pay a minimum wage or give employees sick days can be and is debated. 

However, the Village of Tinley Park is in a unique position due to the fact we're located in two counties. Will County is considered a much more favorable property and sales tax environment for businesses. Some Tinley Park businesses located in the Cook County side have expressed concern that these two new county requirements would make it much more difficult for them to do business in the Village, in addition to the concerns about taxes. 

Ultimately, the Village Board voted to opt out of these requirements via an ordinance you can read by clicking here. One of Tinley Park's strength is our business community. It provides us with a strong tax base, jobs and nearby places to eat, work and shop. We want businesses to thrive in Tinley Park, and to that end we will continue to do what we can to make sure our business are treated fairly!

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