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Raffle License Application

To apply for a Raffle License, submit the following to the Clerk's Office at least 30 days prior to the raffle start date:

Raffle License Application
Organizations are required by §132.30 of the Village Code to obtain a raffle license prior to conducting a raffle. Requests to conduct raffles must receive approval from the Village Board. No raffle tickets can be sold before Board approval and the issuance of your raffle license.

There is a $250,000 limitation on the aggregate retail value of all prizes or merchandise awarded by a licensee in a single raffle. There is a $250,000 limitation on the maximum retail value of each prize awarded by a licensee in a single raffle. There is also a $125 limitation on each raffle chance which is issued or sold in a single raffle. The number of days a licensee may sell chances for a single raffle is limited to 120 days prior to such raffle.

Apply for a Raffle License

Fidelity bond or bond waiver
For the protection of the organization, State Statute 230 ILCS 15/5 requires that a fidelity bond in favor of the organization be posted by the raffle manager. The Village requires that this bond be in the sum of $165,000 or two times the aggregate value of prizes, whichever is less. The statute allows the Village Board to waive the fidelity bond requirement if the organization, by unanimous vote of its members, so requests. The Village Board will consider waiving the fidelity bond requirement for the organization's raffle manager if an official letter is submitted stating that the members of your organization have unanimously voted in favor of waiving the fidelity bond. This letter must be signed by two members of the organizations board. Alternatively, a signed copy of the minutes approving the waiver may be submitted. View or download a sample letter waiving the fidelity bond. See a sample letter for more information.

Send these items to the below address or email them to

Village Clerk Nancy M. O'Connor
Village of Tinley Park
16250 S. Oak Park Avenue
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Raffle Conclusion
After the conclusion of the raffle, a Raffle Code Compliance Report needs to be promptly completed and returned to the Village Clerk’s office.

Village Code
Read the Village Code regarding raffles and conduct of raffles.

For further assistance, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (708) 444-5000 or email at