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A Guide to Property Maintenance

Use the following information to check your home for proper maintenance guidelines. The property maintenance code says it must be in good repair, not overcrowded, safe and clean.

First, look at the outside of your home. Is it in good repair? Is it rodent-proof and weather-tight? Is the yard clean and well-maintained, or is it inviting rodents, insects and vermin? Use this as a checklist of areas that may need attention:
  • Abandoned appliances: Doors removed from refrigerator; all locking devices removed from property as soon as possible
  • Chimney: Clean; flue intact; tuck pointing in good condition
  • Doors: Weather-tight; rodent-proof; secure hinges and locks
  • Foundation: Sound; no holes or cracks; waterproofed
  • General yard/debris upkeep: No trash in the street gutter; grass and weeds cut on regular basis; no trash or litter in yard; yard graded for drainage; no abandoned vehicles; no unlicensed or unregistered vehicles unless in a garage; no car parts stored outside; garage and or shed in good condition
  • Gutters and downspouts: Free of leaves; no leaks; not peeling or flaking
  • Paint: Wood and metal surfaces protected; not peeling or flaking
  • Porch: Good repair, with appropriate guard rails
  • Roof: Free from leaks; shingles in good repair
  • Steps: Not worn; evenly spaced with a handrail for three or more steps
  • Trash: Proper containers; tight-fitting lids and covers at all times; put out at proper times; empty garbage cans removed by end of garbage day
  • Walls: No holes or large cracks; soffits and fascia in good repair
  • Windows: Weather-tight; sashes fit properly; unbroken glass; proper glazing 
Is the house clean, safe and well maintained? Check the list to below to make sure your home is up to standard:
  • Doors: Secure with proper hardware, fit frames and unblocked
  • Electrical components: Adequate service; no frayed or unconnected wires; no broken light fixtures; no worn extension cords; proper type/size extension cords
  • Floors: Sound; no holes; clean
  • Hallways: Well-lit; clear of debris/clutter; clean; approved smoke detectors installed
  • Multiple-dwelling units: Approved fire alarms; approved smoke detectors; a second means of exit
  • Space heaters: Located to avoid fire; have an automatic shut-off valve; properly vented; no gasoline or kerosene fuels
  • Walls and ceilings: Clean; no loose wallpaper; no cracked or loose plaster; no flaking paint; no lead paint
  • Windows: No broken glass; open freely; proper screens on all windows; no holes