Facade Improvement Approval

Design Guidelines
The design guidelines for the Tinley Park Main Street Business Development District outline the criteria to be applied to all projects considered for participation in the Façade Improvement Program. The project area encompasses the area defined by the Village as the Main Street Business Development District.

Eligibility Guidelines
The primary façade of a building is the entire linear exposed exterior surface that fronts a publicly dedicated street right of way and extends from exterior grade to the roofline. (This is the face of the building used for its primary mailing address). Any other facade of the structure exposed to public view may also be authorized for inclusion in the Façade Improvement Program, upon review by the Village of Tinley Park and are considered secondary facades.

Items included for facade improvements include: 

  • Repair or replacement of damaged structural and decorative elements or additional new construction of structural and decorative elements include but are not limited to:
    • Canopies and awnings
    • Cleaning / replacing masonry
    • Exterior lighting
    • Painting
    • Siding
    • Signs and facade graphics
    • Tuckpointing
    • Various facade treatments (i.e., cornices, latticework, shutters or other similar feature)
    • Windows and doors
  • Repair or replacement of damaged structural and decorative elements - These should match or be compatible with the original materials and design of the building, or the architectural plans for the structure as approved by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and/or the Main Street Commission (MSC), as appropriate.
When a facade is improved or replaced, improvement limits extend from exterior grade to the roof line and do not extend beyond the inside face of the facade. Interior improvements and roof work are not included and do not extend any farther than areas required to be demolished to replace the facade. Also, construction of an addition that increases square footage of building (i.e., a patio area or other similar area) for business use will not be included.

Additional Program Information
Learn more about the Facade Improvement Program, including project cost, budget limitations and the program process, or view the Facade Application Form.