Landscape Approval

Landscape installed to meet the Village Landscape Code is required for all commercially zoned and multi-family zoned properties. Properties that go through change of use or change of owner permitting must also bring their sites up to the Village’s Landscape Code standards.

The Approval Process
Landscape is generally approved through the site plan review process. However, it may also be approved administratively through an internal planning staff review as well as the review of the Village’s landscape consultant.  Coordination of reviews by the Village landscape consultant must originate with Village staff. Petitioners are required to pay for the hourly fees of any landscape consultant review.

Once a landscape plan is approved and installed, Village staff will audit the installed landscape until it is approved in two consecutive audits. Inspections generally occur in the spring and in the fall. If the landscape fails an inspection because of dead or diseased plants or failure to plant according to the plan, the Village will notify the owner and will require compliance before the next inspection. Code enforcement tickets may be issued if landscape continually fails audits, however the vast majority of the Village’s landscape projects receive landscape audit approval. 

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