Special Use Approval

Defining Special Use
Special uses are uses that are determined to have an impact to the community and require special approval by the Plan Commission and the Village Board. Conditions may be placed upon the property, such as hours of operation or screening to mitigate impacts.

Special uses require two meetings at the Plan Commission, including a public hearing. An ordinance is prepared when a special use is considered, and that ordinance must be considered at two meetings of the Village Board. The entire approval process for a special use can take between three and six months, depending on the complexity of the project.

Requirements and Form Submission
A completed application requires the following: 

  • Application form that is completed and signed by the property owners of record of their authorized agents (please pay close attention to the findings of fact and provide evidence for each of the question)
  • Evidence of ownership in the property, such as a title commitment or title policy
  • Payment of permit fee ($400)
  • Plan and any other information deemed necessary to support the application, such as evidence supporting the findings of fact
  • Plat of survey of the subject property, including the legal description; the survey must be prepared by a registered Illinois surveyor and the survey must show all existing structures and improvements on the subject property
  • Written project narrative describing proposed project, including all uses intended on the site
Please review our Finding of Fact for Special Use Approval to learn more about the application process. When ready to submit and apply for a special use permit, please complete the Tinley Park Special Use Application and submit it to the Community Development Department.