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The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is comprised of various departments. Each department has an officer and assistant assigned to oversee their operation. These departments play vital roles both in our day-to-day operation as well as in times of emergency when they support each other to efficiently respond to each disaster or emergency situation. EMA departments include:

  • Communications - Responsible for portable land-based and mobile radios, weather computers, the paging system and telecommunications equipment
  • Maintenance - Responsible for vehicles and power equipment
  • Public Information - Responsible for print, video information and speaking engagements
  • Search and Recovery -  Responsible for ground and water searches
  • Supply - Responsible for issued equipment and canteen services
  • Training - Responsible for member training and certifications
Current Roster

  • Lisa Kortum - Director
  • Cindy Proffitt - Administrative Assistant
  • Lisa Merrill – Compliance Officer
  • Charlie Russ - Traffic Control Officer
  • Bob Ackerman - Maintenance Officer
  • Angelo Lazzara - Supply Officer
  • Ashley O’Connor - Training Officer
  • Scott Hagner - Communications Officer