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Financial Reporting Links

Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®)
The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) has created a comprehensive, centralized online source for free access to municipal disclosures, market transparency data and educational materials about the municipal securities market. This central repository of information is available through a website known as the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®).

The Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website was established to increase the broad comprehensive access to vital disclosure and transparency information in the municipal securities market. EMMA provides investors with key information about municipal securities, free of charge. The information on EMMA is presented in a manner specifically tailored for retail, non-professional investors who may not be experts in financial or investing matters.

Copies of the Village’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and other information about the Village’s outstanding bond issues can be found through the EMMA system.

Click here to access the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board's EMMA® website.

Cook County Treasurer's Taxing District Financial Statements
At the prompting of the Cook County Treasurer, the Cook County Board of Commissioners passed a Debt Disclosure Ordinance in September 2009.

The Debt Disclosure Ordinance, or “DDO,” specifies that the Treasurer of Cook County create an electronic repository of all financial information regarding taxing districts. This electronic repository is available to all taxpayers and is intended to provide a transparent view of the agencies who receive the proceeds of property taxes.

Copies of the Village’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report are required to be uploaded as part of this required annual disclosure, and which also are found on this website under the Village’s Open Government disclosures and Financial Reports. The other disclosures that are required as part of the Cook County DDO also can generally be found within the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Please be aware that the Cook County Treasurer’s Taxing District Financial Statements displays do not properly present the relevant information regarding a Taxing District’s pension funds and the related pension assets and liabilities. The Cook County Treasurer’s website improperly combines financial information regarding the Village’s two pension systems that cover certain eligible employees (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and Tinley Park Police Pension Fund) and improperly comingles the disclosures of actuarial methods and assumptions used to estimate and project the future pension obligations (referenced as Total Pension Liability) regarding the separate pension systems and thus does not properly present meaningful information on pensions.

Individuals specifically interested in the pension information are directed to review the detailed information and disclosures on the Village’s pension systems in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards that can be found in the financial statements, tables and Notes to Financial Statements included in the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

Users of the Cook County Treasurer’s Taxing District Financial Statements (DDO) displays are cautioned that information presented may not be comparable between taxing districts without further details or analysis.

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Illinois Comptroller’s Office
The Illinois Comptroller’s Office requires all governmental bodies in Illinois to file an Annual Financial Report (AFR) with that office. A copy of the government’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is required to be filed along with the AFR. 

The Comptroller’s Office also maintains a central repository for Annual Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reports. 
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Public Pension Division of the Illinois Department of Insurance
All public employee pension systems in the State of Illinois are overseen by the Public Pension Division of the Illinois Department of Insurance, which produces a bi-annual report to the Governor and the State Legislature regarding the public pension systems.

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