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Home Rule Sales Tax

The Village of Tinley Park implements a 0.75% Home Rule Sales Tax as a way to help generate new revenue streams for the Village and rebalance its revenue portfolio in the coming years without having to increase property taxes. The tax became effective on July 1, 2014.

The Home Rule Sales Tax will grow proportionally with inflation and generates additional monies for the Village that are used to help fund projects like the Pavement Management Program (street and utility maintenance) and inflationary expense increases. Additionally, it provides a safety net for an uncertain financial future for both the State of Illinois and Cook County and their impact on the Village.

The Home Rule Sales Tax does not affect certain purchases. Items such as titled property (vehicles, mobile homes, etc.), food, groceries and drugs would be exempt.

Based on data from the Illinois Department of Revenue, each 0.25% tax will have an annual impact of $41 on the average household in Tinley Park. With a Home Rule Sales Tax of 0.75%, this translates to a $123 yearly impact on the average household. Roughly half of the additional revenue comes from residents, and the other half comes from nonresidents who shop in Tinley Park.

The Village’s 0.75% Home Rule Sales Tax is comparable to those implemented by other area towns, both in Will and Cook counties.