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Vehicle Stickers

2021 Vehicle StickerThe 2021-22 Tinley Park vehicle sticker goes on sale April 1, 2021 and features the Andres General Store, circa 1895. The store was built by local businessman Christian Andres Sr. and is today home to Primal Cut Steakhouse at 173rd Street and Oak Park Avenue. Stickers are available at Tinley Park Village Hall, 16250 S. Oak Park Ave., and the Tinley Park Police Department, 7850 W. 183rd St.

All vehicles in the Village of Tinley Park are required to have a vehicle sticker displayed at all times. Stickers must be displayed on any motor vehicle operated by a Tinley Park resident on a public street or highway within the Village. Stickers also must be displayed on any motor vehicle that is not in use but is kept or stored within the Village. Leased and company-owned vehicles also are required to have vehicle stickers.

Vehicle stickers are valid for the fiscal period of May 1 of the current year through April 30 of the following year and correspond to the operating fiscal year of the Village. Stickers go on sale April 1 each year. The deadline to purchase and display stickers on vehicles is June 30.

Fee Schedule 

  • Bus or taxi: $40 by September 30 ($70 for late submission)
  • Motorcycle: $10 by September 30 ($20 for late submission)
  • Senior citizen passenger auto: $1.50 by September 30 ($3 for late submission)
  • Passenger auto, van and recreational vehicle: $25 by September 30 ($45 for late submission)
  • Transfer fee: $2
  • Truck, more than one ton: $55 by September 30 ($95 for late submission)                   
  • Truck, one ton or less: $35 by September 30 ($60 for late submission)

Where to get a vehicle sticker
Vehicle stickers will be sold at the following locations:

Tinley Park Village Hall
16250 S. Oak Park Ave.
Tinley Park, IL 60477
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

Tinley Park Police Department

7850 W. 183rd St.
Tinley Park, IL 60477
24 hours a day, seven days a week