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Keeping Fire Hydrants Clear

During heavy snowfall, fire hydrants can become inaccessible. The Village is requesting that residents help the Tinley Park Fire Department keep hydrants clear of snow or of anything around the hydrant that may obstruct its view and operation.

Fire Hydrants Clear

The Fire Department recommends clearing fire hydrants a minimum of three feet in all directions except the one facing the roadway; this should be cleared all the way to the street. This helps ensure that firefighters locate and access the hydrant in case of an emergency.

As time permits, the Village will clear each hydrant, but in the meantime the Fire Department is prepared. During or after heavy snowfall, the Fire Department has extra staffing whose only job is to locate and access fire hydrants if a water supply is needed.  The Fire Department also has access to the Village's GIS system on a fire scene to assist in locating fire hydrants. No matter what the fire incident is, a Fire Department engine carries 500 gallons of water to begin fire extinguishment until the water from a fire hydrant is ready.

Please note that, because there are more than 3,000 fire hydrants in Tinley Park, the Village simply doesn’t have the manpower to get to all of them immediately. Community service hours are available for students that want to help clear fire hydrants within the Village. If interested, please contact Lisa Kortum at