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Fire Dept. holds sprinkler safety contest
Posted: May 31, 2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in the daily Home Fire Sprinkler Week contests recently on the Village of Tinley Park Public Safety Facebook page and helped spread the word about the importance of home fire sprinklers! Congratulations to winners Laura Conrad, Jerry Hahn, Karen Ellement, Pat Johnson, Laura McDonough and Eileen Donlan.

Fire Sprinkler week collage

Village promotes 14 firefighters
Posted: April 19, 2024

The Tinley Park Village Board on April 16 conducted swearing-in ceremonies for Fire Captain Daniel Mazziotta and Fire Lieutenants Ryan Simon, Anthony DeAdam, Matthew Sutkus, Michael Gilgenberg, Daniel Tornga, Frederick Ford, Sean Sarhage, Brian Hoogervorst, Shane Garren, Steven Grzeszkiewicz, Anthony Butera, Louis Pruger and Randy Ludke.

Firefighters 2024

Fire Department thanks Roofers Local 11
Posted: Sept. 29, 2023

On behalf of Fire Chief Steve Klotz, the Tinley Park Fire Department would like to thank Roofers Local 11 for its recent help with re-roofing the Fire Training Tower. The previous roof was the original and was in need of repair. The Fire Department would personally like to thank the entire crew, which included Rich Coluzzi, Jason Catona, Robert Arizola and Mike Lafferty, for their professional, prompt and dedicated work.
Fire Department Tower Fix 2023

Fire Dept. concludes sprinkler contest
Posted: June 5, 2023

2023 Fire Sprinkler Contest Collage

Help prevent mulch fires
Posted: April 21, 2023

Mulch is a combustible material that can be easily ignited by improperly discarded smoking materials. Hundreds of small and large fires are started this way every year. What can start as a small outdoor mulch fire can quickly spread to buildings. A mulch fire can be well under way before someone notices or is alerted by smoke alarms or sprinkler systems activating. See this flyer from the Tinley Park Fire Department to learn more about mulch fires and what you can do to prevent them.

Tinley Park Fire Department stresses importance of smoke detectors
Posted: March 29, 2023

Fire Chief Steve Klotz and Tinley Park resident Tyler Orloff discuss the importance of fire safety and how working smoke detectors can save lives.

Smoke alarm law goes into effect Jan. 1
Posted: Dec. 12, 2022

On January 1, a new Illinois law will require that any new smoke alarm installed in a single-family or multi-family home have a 10-year sealed battery, which will insure the detector works when needed without the maintenance of new batteries every six months by homeowners. See the below FAQs for more information.

Q: When will I need to change to a 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm?
A: When your current smoke alarm reaches its end of life, 10 years after original installation.

Q: After I install my new 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm, should I still test it monthly?
A: It is always good practice to check all your smoke alarms monthly.

Q: How many 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms do I need in my home?
A: You are required to have a smoke alarm located in every sleeping area (bedrooms) and one on every floor of your home. This smoke alarm should be located no father than 15 feet from any sleeping area.

Q: What is the benefit of a 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm?
A: See the graph below.

Benefit of Alarms

Q: How do I dispose of an old smoke detector?
A: As long as there is no radioactive symbol or warning label, the detector can be disposed of through the regular trash. If the detector has a radioactive symbol or warning label, please consult your local recycling service. Please be sure to inspect the device thoroughly before making your final decision regarding disposal.

Q: Should I have a carbon monoxide alarm in my home as well?
A: Yes, there should be a carbon monoxide alarm located on every floor of your home and no farther than 15 feet from any sleeping area.

View the law for more information, or contact Fire Marshal Steve Lorendo at (708) 444-5200.

'Keep the Wreath Red' this holiday
Posted: Dec. 9, 2022

The Tinley Park Fire Department urges everyone to help “Keep the Wreath Red” until January 2. The fire department has placed a wreath illuminated with red bulbs in front of each of the four fire stations. If a fire occurs in which holiday decorations are determined to be involved, one of the red bulbs will be changed to a white bulb. This will serve as a reminder of the safety precautions that should be taken this holiday season. Residents can help provide a safe environment by following these good practices:

  • Don't overload extension cords or power strips
  • Keep trees and decorations away from space heaters
  • Keep live trees properly hydrated
  • Turn off decorative lights when you are not home
  • Properly use lights designated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Do not leave candles unattended

The Tinley Park Fire Department wishes all residents a happy and fire-safe holiday season.

Tinley firefighters help local child through 'Fire Buddies' program
Posted: May 27, 2022

Members of the Tinley Park Fire Department recently delivered gifts to a Tinley Park child battling a serious illness as part of the Project Fire Buddies program.
First responders went big, showing up in shiny fire trucks with sirens blasting and lights flashing to deliver a new crib, diapers, baby wipes and clothes to Theodora, a child who is battling GM-1 gangliosidosis. Her two older sisters each received an iPhone 13 with phone service, and the family received a $400 gas card to help offset the cost of traveling to doctor appointments.
Project Fire Buddies is an organization of first responders who are dedicated to supporting Chicago-area families with critically ill children. Visit for more information.

Project Fire Buddies Program recipients receive gifts


Steve Klotz resizedMeet Your Fire Chief: Steve Klotz
Issued: Feb. 14, 2022

Steve Klotz is the Village's fire chief. He has been in the fire service industry for more than 40 years and most recently held the position of battalion chief for the Bedford Park Fire Department. He joined the Village in 1993 and has been serving as deputy chief of fire suppression since 2013.

Chief Klotz was instrumental in converting the volunteer fire department to a part-time organization in 2001. He has worked closely with neighboring communities to set up automatic-aid agreements, overseen the construction and operation of Fire Station 47, served as incident command for numerous fires and large-scale events, and was part of the Unified Command COVID-19 response for the mass vaccination site for the State of Illinois.

Dan Reda

Reda named Deputy Fire Service Administrator
Issued: Feb. 14, 2022

Daniel Reda recently was appointed to the position Deputy Fire Service Administrator. Dan has been a firefighter with Tinley Park for 26 years and has risen through the ranks from firefighter, engineer, lieutenant, captain and assistant chief, and has been serving as Interim Deputy Fire Chief since June 2021. In addition to his time in Tinley Park, he has held varying ranks in other fire departments in his fire service career, including serving as the Chief of the Blue Island Fire Department since December 2017.

Dan has been instrumental in developing policy for the Tinley Park Fire Department as well as various training programs and oversees the scheduling program for the department. He holds numerous Office of the State Fire Marshal certifications including Chief Fire Officer and has a Bachelor’s Degree in occupational health and safety. Dan has been incident commander or part of the Incident Command team at numerous fires and large-scale events in both Tinley Park, MABAS 24 and other neighboring MABAS Divisions.

Steve LorendoSteve Lorendo named Fire Marshal
Issued: Feb. 14, 2022

Steve Lorendo recently was appointed to the position Fire Marshal. Steve has been serving the Village of Tinley Park for 21 years. His career in the fire service began in 2000 as a probationary firefighter in Tinley Park. While serving on the Fire Department, he received his Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Firefighter III, Fire Apparatus Engineer and OSFM certifications.

In November of 2006, he accepted the full-time Fire Inspector position in the Tinley Park Fire Prevention Bureau and currently holds multiple fire prevention related certifications including OSFM Fire Prevention I & II, Fire Investigator, Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialist and Fire and Life Safety Educator. He has a Bachelors Degree in fire science and a Masters of Public Administration Degree in emergency service management.

Deputy Fire Chief Dan Riordan retires
Issued: Jan. 7, 2022

Dan RiordanThe Tinley Park Fire Department on Friday will hold a walk-out ceremony for Deputy Fire Chief Dan Riordan, who retired after 40 years of dedicated service to Tinley Park.

Dan began his career with the Tinley Park Fire Department in 1981, quickly rising through the ranks. He began working in the Fire Prevention Bureau in December 2001 and was promoted to Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention in 2015.
Dan received an Associates in Applied Science – Fire Science Technology degree in 2005. He's a Certified Plan Examiner, Fire Code Official, Building Official and Fire Marshal, and recently received his NICET II certifications.
Dan strove to set high standards for the Fire Prevention Bureau. With his leadership, dedication, commitment and tireless efforts, the Bureau became the first accredited municipality by the International Accreditation Service in 2012. The Bureau has since been reaccredited in 2016 and 2020.
During his career, Dan spearheaded seven Run for Your Life Safety 5K Run/Walks, raising more than $116,000.00 for the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and their prevention programs. Over the years, he also has campaigned for fire sprinklers in commercial and residential buildings. He has reviewed many plans, revised many codes and has kept firefighters safe, as well as making Tinley Park a fire-safe community.
Congrats Dan, and enjoy your much-deserved retirement! 

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