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Fire Extinguisher Training Program

fireAre you interested in learning how a portable fire extinguisher works? Have you ever asked yourself, "If there was a fire in my home or where I work, when should I use an extinguisher, and when should I evacuate?"

Program Goals
The Tinley Park Fire Prevention Bureau offers on-site training for organizations that have asked these questions. The Fire Extinguisher Training Program will help participants:

  • Become familiar with the working parts of an ABC portable fire extinguisher.
  • Identify and demonstrate how to discharge an ABC portable fire extinguisher.
  • Identify the decision-making process when a fire is in its incipient stages.
  • Identify what the emergency steps are when a fire is discovered.
  • Identify when to attempt extinguish a fire or when evacuate the premises.
The training program incorporates these objectives in the classroom with practical application. Training lasts approximately two hours.

Note: The Tinley Park Fire Prevention Bureau also offers periodic fire extinguisher training for the citizens of Tinley Park. This is a three-hour program with classroom and practical applications. Training takes place at the Tinley Park Fire Department’s training center, which is located on 183rd Street adjacent to the Tinley Park Police Station.

Contact Us
Classes are offered March through August.  If you or your organization wants to find out more about this program, please contact the Tinley Park Fire Department at (708) 444-5200.