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Benches on the Avenue

Tinley Park's Benches on the Avenue public art program has become one of the Village's most popular attractions, drawing thousands of residents and visitors annually to Downtown Tinley. The colorful benches feature the work of both amateur and professional artists and provide spots to rest and enjoy the fantastic creations while strolling through town.

Artwork is based on a different theme each year, and benches are on display from early-May through mid-October in Downtown Tinley. Each bench is sponsored by a local business or individual, who takes possession of it after the program has ended.
2023 Benches on the Avenue: Industry, Invention and Progress

The 2023 Benches on the Avenue are themed “Industry, Invention and Progress” and showcase groundbreaking creations that have made a mark on the world and changed the way we live. Each handcrafted wooden bench has been created by a local artist and sponsored by a local business or individual, who will take possession of it at the end of the season.

Congrats to the 2022 Benches on the Avenue winners!
The Village announced the winners of its 2022 Benches on the Avenue public art program, including:
  • Best Portrayal of Theme: Nick and Jennifer Schulien (The Dog Walker's Day Off)
  • Most Creative: Cody Heiden and Juan Lopez (Welcome to Borneo)
  • Best 3D Bench: Tim O'Brien (Wednesday's Morning)
  • Best Use of Materials: Dante DiBartolo, Allen Jebens, Tom Liston, Bob Renaud, Terry Nugent and Neal Keselica (Coral Reef: Colorful Ocean Home)
  • Best Individual Artist: Nicole Simpson (I Like Birds)
  • Best Group/Family Project: Angela Simpson and Mike Schultz and family (It Came from the Sea)
  • Best New Artist: Tinley Park Public Library Teens (Woodland Reading Adventure)
  • Judges' Choice: Samantha Cook and Marty Rose (Savannah Cats)
Many thanks to this year's Benches on the Avenue judges, which included Mary Kay Campbell (Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce), Deacon Ed Pluchar (St. Julie's Church), Sherrie Ordaz (previous Benches artist), Carol Friel (Memorial School) and Lisa Molloy (Crisis Center for South Suburbia).

Benches Artist 2022


Brochures from each year of the "Benches on the Avenue" program include: