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Special Event Permit

Planning your own special event? If your event is being held on public property and/or is planning on using any Village services, you must submit a Special Event Permit (SEP) application. You also need to submit a permit application if there will be outdoor alcohol consumption at your event.

Special Event Permit Application Details
There is no fee for the Special Event Permit application. This application ensures all details are properly communicated to key staff. As of January 2023, the application has been updated. No previous versions of this application will be accepted.

There is a two-part process to the SEP. Part I requires basic information about the event detailing what it will consist of and should include a proposed layout and/or route for the event. For new events, Part I must be submitted no later than 90 days in advance. For recurring events, Part I must be submitted no later than 60 days in advance. Dates will not be approved without this completed application.

Please note that it could take up to three weeks for the organizer to receive a contingent approval to hold the event. The Village will email contingent approval to the event organizer with Part II of the application, which will include detailed queries on all additional information, permits and documents needed for the event to occur in Tinley Park.

When a special event meets certain criteria prompted by location, date, event type and/or expected attendance, the Village will provide a list of pre-approved security and event support vendors able to provide required magnetometers, barricades, perimeter fencing and/or other safety measures. These additional security vendors will need to be contracted by the event organizer and a copy of the agreement will need to be submitted before the Special Event Permit is approved.

Upon completion and approval by the necessary Village departments, the Village will send a Special Event License to the organizer. Without this license, the event will not be allowed to proceed.

Any questions regarding this application process can be directed to Event Specialist Amanda Gaus at (708) 444-5044.

Village Service
For traffic control requests, traffic control officers are available at a rate of $20/hour with a two-hour minimum. The Tinley Park Police Department will review and determine locations and the number of necessary officers.

Charges for police security are $45/hour with a two-hour minimum. The Village may require police presence, depending on the nature of the event.

If your event requires services from the Village’s Public Works Department, there will be a charge of $35/hour per person. Please see the Public Works section on the permit for services available. 

Additional charges for Village services including public works, police and traffic control may apply for multiple-day events.

Tent Permit
If you are planning on erecting a tent that is larger than 20’x20’, you must submit a tent permit to the Building Division. The tent permit application fee is $50 per tent.

Signage Permit
Public entities hosting events on public property within the Village and marketed to and open to the public may only advertise on signs at approved locations. Please fill out the Special Event Signage Permit Application for approval. Banners are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that special event permits are governed by Ordinance 2014-O-032.

If you are planning on erecting temporary signage, a temporary sign permit application is $15.