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Wayfinding Sign Program

Wayfinding - DayThe Marketing Department, in coordination with the Marketing Commission, has been working with KMA on the development of a Village-wide wayfinding sign program. This initiative has included the development and review of the Village's existing sign inventory, the facilitation and analysis of a public survey, research on local and federal regulatory signage requirements and the collection of vehicular traffic counts throughout the community.

As a result of this analysis, eight potential gateway sign locations have been identified:

  • West 159th Street at 86th Avenue
  • West 159th Street at South Harlem Avenue
  • 167th Street at Anna Marie Avenue
  • 183rd Street at Ridgeland Avenue
  • South Harlem Avenue at 183rd Street
  • South 80th Avenue at Lakeside Drive
  • LaGrange Road at 179th Street 
  • LaGrange Road at 171st Street
Wayfinding - Night

Additionally, the following destinations have been identified as key points of interest for the Village:

  • Brookside Marketplace
  • Convention Center hotel district
  • Downtown Metra train station
  • Downtown Tinley
  • Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
  • Odyssey Fun World
  • TInley Park Convention Center
  • Tinley Park High School
  • Tinley Park Public Library
  • Tinley Park Village Hall
  • Victor J. Andrew High School
  • Vogt Visual Arts Center
  • West hotel district
  • White Water Canyon Water Park 
  • 80th Avenue train station

Wayfinding - Directional SignsStaff and commissioners have also been working diligently on the creation of a new sign design concept that incorporates a sense of identity with a common, brand-inspired design with cohesive fonts and colors, so that the Village becomes well defined and more easily navigable within its boundaries. This sign package will include entrance identification signs (at the gateway sign locations identified above), vehicular directional signs, destination identification signs, public parking identification and pedestrian information kiosks in the Downtown. The signage will help visitors to recognize the Tinley Park as a vibrant, music-focused village.

The creative process started with three concepts and proceeded through several refinements. The final design was approve, and the concept moved to the next phase of the process, which includes finalizing a defined location plan and furthering development of the design scheme to include full-scale mock-ups, samples and prototypes.