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Burglar Alarm Permits

The Village of Tinley Park has required a Burglar Alarm Permit for both residential and commercial alarm systems since 1999. The fee for a Commercial Alarm Permit is $25 annually, and there is no fee required for Residential Alarm Permits.

The Alarm Permit Application requests such information as the name, address and telephone numbers of the homeowner or business, the name of the monitoring and servicing alarm company, and the names and phone numbers of three contacts who should be called by the 911 Center if an alarm is activated at your home or place of business.

Upon receipt of your Alarm Permit Application at the Tinley Park Police Department, you will receive a numbered decal which should be affixed to the front door or window of your home or place of business. Display of this decal will act as a deterrent to anyone considering a criminal act at your home or place of business.

Permits help residents in the event of an emergency at their home, as police who respond to a crime in progress or other emergency will already have the information they need. It also gives police up-to-date key holder information, aids in the event of an alarm malfunction and helps reduce false alarms.