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Citizens Police Academy

Applications for the Tinley Park Citizens Police Academy will be available on Monday, Aug. 7 at the Tinley Park Police Department, 7850 W. 183rd St. The academy is a 12-week program designed to give residents a working knowledge of law enforcement and the Tinley Park Police Department. The free program will be held on Thursday evenings from Jan. 11 to March 28, and class size is limited to 30 students per session. The police station is open 24 hours per day.

The program offers one block of instruction each week from 7 to 10 p.m. Each block of instruction will provide an in-depth overview of how a particular division of the police department functions. The program will be both informative and educational, allowing students an opportunity to experience actual hands-on training.

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Academy Goal
The goal of the academy is to provide citizens with an opportunity to see how the police department serves the community. Students will learn how and why specific or certain decisions are made, while taking into consideration the impact those decisions will have within the community. The Tinley Park Police Department believes the public must have confidence, trust and faith in the ability of its officers to perform their duties.

The Tinley Park Police Department encourages its citizens to get to know officers through the various programs that it sponsors throughout the Village and law enforcement community. When the police department and citizens take a more personal interest in each other, the community benefits in many ways. Open lines of communication are developed, which builds a sense of safety and security. The police department continually strives to see that it and the community work together to ensure the Village is a safe and enjoyable place to live and work.

After graduation, students will be encouraged to join the Citizens Police Academy Association. The Alumni Association will provide residents an opportunity to continue their education in the field of law enforcement, to work with the police department, and to help with various projects in the future if they desire.

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Reason for the Academy
The Tinley Park Police Department has developed the Citizens Police Academy with the goal of enhancing communication between the police department and the community, thereby creating a greater understanding of an officer’s role in said community. The concept of law enforcement and community working together plays a vital role in reducing crime in the community. The input and support the police department seeks from its citizens is critical in helping officers perform their duties and provide the best service possible.

The police department will encourage academy graduates to assist in identifying problems within the community and developing solutions. The police department hopes its graduates will take their experiences back to the community and apply what they have learned to ensure quality of life in Tinley Park. This will serve to educate and encourage other citizens to get involved with the Citizens Police Academy and community.

Qualified Applicants
Citizens who apply to the Citizens Police Academy must be 21 years of age. They must reside or work within the Village of Tinley Park. All applicants will be subject to a background check. For more information about the Citizens Police Academy or to obtain an application, please contact Sgt. Keith Sullivan at (708) 444-5300 or

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