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Residential Camera Authorization Program

TP-Police-LogoThe Tinley Park Police Department has developed the Residential Camera Authorization Program, which asks Tinley Park residents and business owners to pre-register their personal security camera information so that police can use it to help solve crimes committed in the area.

When a crime occurs, the one of first steps the police department takes is to search the area for any security cameras. The security cameras in the area may have recorded evidence of the crime that will be able to help the police during the investigation. Registering your security camera information ahead of time could help improve the investigation process and save valuable time and resources.

Registering for the program is as easy as providing the location and number of cameras on your property, along with who to contact in the event the video footage is needed. Registering for the program does not give the Tinley Park Police Department full access to your video footage; it only allows police to use certain videos on a case-by-case basis. It will ultimately be the owner’s option to share their video footage. Only select members of the police department will have access to your contact information.

Please consider participating in this program by filling out the registration form. This process is fast, simple and secure.

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