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Water Backflow Assembly FAQ

The Village of Tinley Park’s Public Works Department is committed to providing quality, cost-efficient service in the delivery of safe drinking water to all residential and commercial users.

Safe and reliable drinking water is a carefully manufactured product. In order to help ensure safe drinking water, the Village adopted a Cross Connection Control Program, Village Municipal Code: Chapter 52.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires every water supply to develop and implement a cross connection (backflow prevention) control program. A requirement of the program is to send a survey to all residential water customers every two years. All residential water customers are requested to complete the survey, which takes only a few minutes.

Residents can complete the water use survey on our website.

How do I respond to the survey?

What is a cross connection and a backflow preventer?

Regarding cross connection and backflow preventer use, does the Village of Tinley Park create and control backflow requirements or does the State of Illinois?

Where do backflow mandates come from and who is going to enforce these mandates?

What happens if I do not fill out the survey?