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Street Resurfacing Program

The Street Resurfacing Program is an annual program that includes asphalt resurfacing, removal and replacement of selected areas of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter removal and replacement, pavement striping, and other miscellaneous items. The Village typically budgets $3.5 million dollars annually for the construction of this program.

The Village of Tinley Park has contracted with Iroquois Paving to repair or replace 8.3 miles of roadway on 45 streets as part of the 2024 Street Resurfacing Program. Work will begin April 15, 2024 with concrete removal. The contractor will inform residents with a door notice a day before any work is done on their apron or curb. Work will proceed approximately in the order listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Village's Street Resurfacing Program.

What work will be done?

What is the project schedule?

What is a curb? What is it used for?

Will I have access to my driveway?

Why isn't my curb being replaced?

Why isn't my entire apron being replaced?

Why was the sidewalk on the corner removed?

They worked on my curb, and now the curb and driveway aren't the same height. Why is this?

Why didn't they fix a larger section of my curb?

The grass was not restored. Will this ever get done?

Why was my street selected to be resurfaced?

How much does the project cost, and how is it funded?

Will school buses and garbage trucks be able to use the road?

What happens if the contractor damages my mailbox, sprinkler system or dog fence?

Will the road be closed?

Why does it take so long to complete the project? Why isn't the contractor working today?

Can I drive on tack oil?