Hydrant Flushing

Tinley Park Fire HydrantHydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants. It’s a controlled procedure that is vital to the general maintenance of the Village's water distribution system. It ensures adequate water flow is available to firefighters, residents and businesses. It also helps maintain the Village's water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains (distribution pipes).

Project Update [Oct. 12, 2018]: The Village has contracted with M.E. Simpson to perform hydrant flushing, which will begin Monday, Oct. 15. M.E. Simpson will being in the northeast corner of town and head west to the Village limits. M.E. Simpson will be working in sections 1-10 on the attached map, including section labeled 10A. They will flush close to 1,900 fire hydrants, about one-third of all in the VIllage. Residents who experiences discolored or cloudy water should run a bathtub, utility sink or any plumbing fixture that doesn't have an aerator/screen on it to clear their lines.