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Sensus Water MeterThe Sensus iPERL meters include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which provides better customer service, reduced operational costs and greater access to data. The new meters automatically transmit readings wirelessly, meaning the Village can be more efficient and reduce water system costs by preventing manual device recording errors and eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading altogether.

Sensus Center
Tinley Park residents can monitor their water usage in near-real time thanks to the Sensus Center, a web-based, interactive application that gives customers unprecedented access to their water meter accounts. Learn more on the Village’s Sensus Center page.
About the Sensus iPerl Meter and AMI System
Sensus Water Meter Exposed Inner Workings
The Village selected the iPERL due to its good performance record and overall service, as well as the experience of the manufacturer, cost savings it provides to the Village, and its 20-year warranty, which is much greater than the meters they will replace. 

The iPERL water meters record the data, and the radio then transmits those readings wirelessly to Village Hall, ensuring the Village can be more efficient and reduce water system costs by preventing manual recording errors. Meter readings are collected on a daily basis, as opposed to the previous method of quarterly data collection. By collecting meter reading information more frequently, both the Village and its customers potentially can be alerted to abrupt or abnormal changes in water use earlier than when the quarterly bill is issued.

Other local communities that have installed iPERL meters include Orland Park, Oak Forest, Homewood, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Palos Heights, Frankfort, Spring Grove, Joliet, Aurora, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, New Lenox and Glenview. 

See the below links to learn more about the technology, experience and safeguards of the Sensus iPERL meter and AMI system: 
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