Parking Permits

The Village of Tinley Park operates several commuter parking lots near the Oak Park Avenue and 80th Avenue Metra train stations. The majority of parking spaces at the Oak Park Avenue station are by permit only and are issued for a quarterly basis. The commuter parking along the south side of Hickory Street west of Oak Park Avenue is a daily fee lot. All parking at the 80th Avenue station employes a daily fee of $1.50, which can be paid in cash or through tokens issued by the Village.
Oak Park Avenue Commuter Parking
The waiting period for commuter parking at the Oak Park Avenue station (due to limited space) is at least 18 months. Check the Commuter Parking Permit Waiting List to request that  your name be added to the waiting list. For information about parking permits for the Oak Park Avenue station, contact the clerk's office at (708) 444-5000.

Where to Purchase Tokens
Parking tokens for the 80th Avenue station and Hickory Street are available at the Clerk’s Office, 16250 S. Oak Park Ave., Tinley Park; or at the Tinley Park Police Department, 7850 W. 183rd St. Please note that Village tokens are not valid for the private comuter parking lot on the south side of South Street at the Oak Park Avenue station.

Handicapped Parking Permits