Life Amplified

Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Village Board Michael Glotz Mayor (708)-444-5000
Village Board Nancy O'Connor Village Clerk (708)-444-5000
Village Board William Brady Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board William Brennan Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Kenneth Shaw Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Dennis Mahoney Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Michael Mueller Trustee (708)-444-5000
Village Board Colleen Sullivan Trustee (708)-444-5000
Administration Pat Carr Village Manager (708)-444-5000
Administration Hannah Lipman Assistant Village Manager (708)-444-5040
Administration Lisa Valley Executive Assistant (708)-444-5000
Administration Michael Delgado Village Attorney (708)-444-5000
Clerk's Office Laura Godette Deputy Village Clerk (708)-444-5000
Clerk's Office Diane Melone Administrative Assistant (708)-444-5007
Community Development Dan Ritter Community Development Director (708)-444-5161
Community Development Lori Kosmatka Associate Planner (708)-444-5100
Community Development Tim Poulos Code Enforcement (708)-444-5179
Community Development Lisa Beck Building Permit Technician (708)-444-5100
Community Development Barbara Balcerzak Building Permit Technician (708)-444-5100
Community Development Debbi Thirstrup Building Permit Technician (708)-444-5100
Community Development Malvi Shah Health and Consumer Protection Officer (708)-444-5070
Community Development Walter Smart Zoning Administrator (708)-444-5180
Community Development Jenise Lopez Building Permit Technician (708)-444-5117
Community Development Michael Coleman Building Official (708)-444-5115
Community Development Jason Zorena Code Compliance Officer (708)-444-5132
Community Development Carolyn Mitera Business Retention and Marketing Specialist (708)-444-5170
Community Development Michael Whalen Associate Planner (708)-444-5177
Community Development Richard Czajkowski Building Inspector (708)-444-5176
Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Lisa Kortum Emergency Management Agency Director (708)-444-5418
Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Cindy Proffitt Administrative Assistant (708)-444-5600
Fire Department Stephen Klotz Fire Chief (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Daniel Reda Deputy Chief (708)-444-5260
Fire Department Thomas Slepski Assistant Chief (708)-444-5220
Fire Department Kristopher Dunn Assistant Chief (708)-444-5230
Fire Department Steven Lorendo Fire Marshal (708)-444-5200
Fire Department Michelle Boone Executive Assistant (708)-444-5239
Human Resources Department Angela Arrigo Human Resources Director (708)-444-5091
Human Resources Department Randa Firlit Human Resources Generalist (708)-444-5090
Human Resources Department Amanda Schreck Human Resources Coordinator (708)-444-5050
Human Resources Department Marisa Harrison HR Assistant (708)-444-5062
Information Technology Anthony Ardolino IT Manager (708)-444-5086
Information Technology Dennis Maleski Lead Computer Technician (708)-444-5000
Information Technology Jonathan Brown Computer Technician (708)-444-5083
Marketing Department Donna Framke Marketing Director (708)-444-5045
Marketing Department Jason Freeman Public Information Specialist (708)-444-5042
Marketing Department Hannah Gacek Community Engagement Specialist (708)-444-5043
Marketing Department Amanda Gaus Events Specialist (708)-444-5044
Marketing Department Sue Pall Marketing Assistant (708)-444-5049
Marketing Department Kelly Oswald Program Coordinator (708)-444-5024
Police Department Thomas Tilton Interim Police Chief (708)-444-5300
Police Department William Devine Commander (708)-444-5300
Police Department Darren Persha Comannder (708)-444-5300
Police Department Keith Sullivan Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Melissa Bonarek Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Chris Butler Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Patrick St. John Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Brian Bishop Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Jonathan Mittelman Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Police Department Randall Rockaitis Sergeant (708)-444-5300
Public Works Department John Urbanski Public Works Director (708)-444-5500
Public Works Department Colby Zemaitis Assistant Public Works Director (708)-444-5516
Public Works Department Kelly Mulqueeny Street Superintendent (708)-444-5500
Public Works Department Joe Fitzpatrick Water Superintendent (708)-444-5535
Public Works Department Darlene Milanowicz Engineering Project Manager dmilanowicz@tinleyparkorg._ (708)-444-5500