Find a Musical Chair and join the fun!

Nearly two dozen painted chairs are hiding inside various businesses throughout Tinley Park. Find them and you just might win a great prize!

It’s all part of the new Musical Chairs program, a companion to the popular Benches on the Avenue that features the work of local artists who spent weeks transforming 23 ordinary wooden chairs into colorful, family-friendly works of art celebrating all things music.

The Village put each chair inside a particular Tinley Park business, and it’s your job to find which ones! To take part in the fun, do the following:

  1. Follow Us: If you haven’t already, follow Tinley Park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Decipher the Clues: Look for occasional posts that contain clues to the whereabouts of the featured chair.
  3. Take a Selfie: Once you solve the mystery, go to the featured business and take a selfie with the chair.
  4. Share the Selfie: Post the picture on your own social media page and tag the Village of Tinley Park so we know you found it.
  5. Don't Forget: Be sure to use #TinleyLifeAmplified in your caption, and make your post public or we won’t know you found the chair!

The winner will receive a swag bag and a $50 gift card to the Tinley Park business of their choice. The featured chair/business will be rotated regularly, giving everyone a chance to win!

For more information, including pictures of the chairs and the talented artists who created them, please visit the Village's Musical Chairs page.