MWRD continues 175th Street work

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) is completing reconstruction of a junction chamber located at the intersection of 175th Street and Ridgeland Avenue. This is the connection point to the district’s system for most of the Village’s wastewater.
The network of bypass pumping pipes (with generators) continues to divert flow around the work zone. The shoring that was installed provides the support to excavate a pit that is more than 40 feet deep. Demolition of the existing junction chamber was completed in early August.
The MWRD will use a combination of methods to rebuild the junction chamber. The bottom portion of the structure will be cast-in-place concrete, and the top section will be pre-cast concrete. The walls for the bottom portion of the structure have been cast, and the roof will be tentatively poured Aug. 30. The remaining concrete work for the structure is expected to be completed within two weeks.
After the concrete roof has cured, the MWRD will backfill the structure and remove the shoring in stages. After the structure has been rebuilt, the MWRD will remove the bypass pumping network and perform pavement and landscape restoration. The remaining portion of the Village’s sewer improvements project will be completed after the new junction chamber is backfilled. 
The tentative goal remains to have the roadway open by Nov. 1.