ComEd to manage power line vegetation

Veg Manage 4-20ComEd will be performing vegetation management activities along the transmission corridor at 159th Street west of 80th Avenue in May, June and July. Vegetation management is necessary to ensure public safety and the reliability of electrical service.

The Tinley Park transmission corridors are composed of large steel poles or tower structures that are used to transport large volumes of electricity. Qualified line clearance workers contracted by ComEd perform all tree pruning and vegetation management work along these corridors, and supervisors and general foreman maintain close contact with crews to ensure safety and adherence to proper vegetation maintenance procedures.

Trees and bushes that grow to heights less than 10 feet may be approved by ComEd for planting near power lines. Trees that grow greater than 15 feet (for example maple, elm and blue spruce) should never be planted under or near power lines. At full height, these trees could contact lines and cause a power outage or create a safety issue.

ComEd also is performing Emerald Ash Borer electric line trimming and vegetation management in the following areas:

  • 16900 block of Gaynelle Road
  • 17000 block of Gaynelle Road
  • 6100 block of Debra Avenue
  • 6000 block of 167th Street
  • 6000 block of Oak Forest Avenue
  • 6100 block of Oak Forest Avenue
  • 16700 block of Beverly Drive
  • 16900 block of Christopher Court
  • 6200 block of Barbara Avenue

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