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Select Metra lots closed

Due to decreased commuter traffic during the State's stay-at-home advisory, and in an effort to reduce costs, the Public Works Department will be limiting its snow plowing and salting activities at the Village's two Metra stations to only the main parking lots.

This is being done to make plowing and salting more efficient and cost-effective while the advisory is in place. During this time, the unplowed lots will be closed the public.

Lots that are temporarily closed at the Oak Park Avenue station include:

  • North/east end parking lot
  • South/west end parking lot
  • South/east end parking lot
Lots that are temporarily closed at the 80th Avenue station include:

  • North parking lot (full lot)
  • South parking lot/east and west ends
Hickory Street parking is open. For more information, please call the Tinley Park Public Works Department at (708) 444-5500.