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Village to smoke-test sewers

The Tinley Park Public Works Department will be testing the sanitary sewers from 167th Street south to Hickory Street and 80th Avenue east to Oak Park Avenue starting Monday, June 14, weather permitting. See the project map or the picture below for the neighborhoods affected.
Public Works crews will blow tracing smoke into the municipal sewer to locate leaks. The smoke is not harmful and should not enter your home unless there is a dry trap or plumbing problem present. Also, please be aware that the work crew may need to enter your back yard, but not your home.
To prevent smoke from coming up through drains, pour about a quart of water into all sink and floor drains, especially in little-used drains in spare bathrooms or under washing machines. Be sure to fill the traps before the project begins. Doing this also prevents odors from the outside sewers from entering your home.
If you detect smoke in your building, simply open a window and the smoke will dissipate quickly. If you see the smoke testing crew, be sure to also inform them. During testing, you may also notice smoke coming from the plumbing vent stacks on the roof of your or your neighbor’s house.
Residents are asked to please notify any handicapped or shut-in neighbors of these tests. Call the Public Works Department at (708) 444-5500 if you have respiratory problems and will be home during the test, or if you have any other questions.

Sewer Testing 2021