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Village wins Digital Cities award

Posted: Nov. 18, 2022

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) recently announced that the Village of Tinley Park took eighth place in the "Up to 75,000 Population" category in the 22nd annual Digital Cities Survey.

The survey recognizes cities utilizing technology to strengthen cybersecurity, enhance transparency and digital equity, plan for the future of work and more.

Among the many achievements the CDG recognized the Village for was Tinley Park's decision to bring in a third-party vendor to analyze its online services, and the vendor's subsequent recommendations that led to changes such as replacing outdated software to finding alternate ways to increase efficiency.

Some of these solutions included an e-ticketing process that can be used to pay for all violations; firewall replacements; upgrading internal wireless access points; and a video server consolidation.

"The IT Department has gone above and beyond to modernize our technological policies and practices to better serve the community, and also worked hard to bolster our defense against cyber attacks," Village Manager Pat Carr said. "Many thanks to them, and to IT Director Anthony Ardolino in particular, for a job well done."