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Village marks 15 years since Lane Bryant

Posted: Jan. 25, 2023

On Feb. 2, the Village will join the entire Tinley Park community in remembering the 15th anniversary of the tragic killings of five innocent women inside the Lane Bryant store at Brookside Marketplace. The Tinley Park Police Department and the Village of Tinley Park remain dedicated to finding the person who committed these murders and bringing them to justice.

Lane Bryant Suspect 3DLast year, the police department assigned a new Lane Bryant detective to the case, and he continues to work with the crime lab and review new and old tips daily. Every year since 2008, the Village has made sure the police department has funding for evidence testing, travel and any other resources it needs to solve the case.

“A tragedy as horrible as this isn’t something you forget,” Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz said. “It stays with you. This crime hasn’t just affected the victims or their families; it’s affected the entire community. All of us continue to grieve with the victims’ families, and all of us want justice to be served.”

Those with information are urged to call the tip hotline at (708) 444-5394 or email There’s a $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the offender.

“The police department has followed up on about 7,500 leads so far since the case began,” Tinley Park Police Chief Matthew Walsh said. “We’re hoping that new advancements in technology will help us solve this case once and for all.”

A composite likeness of the suspect and an audio recording of his voice from the 911 call are available on the Village website at

“Someone out there knows something,” Glotz said. “They owe it to the five women who lost their lives, and to their families, to come forward and help us finally close the book on this horrible tragedy.”