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Village receives R.I.S.E. certification

Posted: Nov. 30, 2023

The Indiana-Illinois-Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (III FFC) recently presented the Village of Tinley Park with the platinum-level Raising Infrastructure Standards of Excellence (R.I.S.E.) certification, which recognizes and celebrates public bodies that go above and beyond in modernizing public construction practices, ensuring they meet the demands of the 21st Century.

“This R.I.S.E. certification demonstrates to the public that Tinley Park is a shining example of what a community can do when its policies advance excellence as it relates to infrastructure,” said Jeremy Custer, III FCC Government Affairs and Political Director. “Tinley Park should be proud of the work they’ve done to protect the taxpayers through their support of workers and investing in the future.”

The Village is the first public body to receive this certification, in part for being the very first municipality in the area to create an Advisory Commission on Labor and Development, as well as for being the first to pass the Workers’ Rights Resolution and having one of the most comprehensive responsible bidding ordnances in practice today.

“Mayor Glotz, the Village Board and administration should take great pride in your commitment to provide these standards of excellence with such foresight and forward-thinking,” said Jodi Frailey, III FFC’s Regional Manager of Illinois Field Operations.

Custer and Frailey presented the RISE certification to the Village Board during its November 21 meeting. You can watch the presentation at the link below or on the Village's YouTube channel

"Receiving the platinum-level R.I.S.E. certification is a momentous achievement for the Village of Tinley Park," Mayor Michael Glotz said. "It underscores our ongoing commitment to excellence in infrastructure development and showcases our determination to meet the evolving needs of our community."

III FFC is a nonprofit construction industry foundation established to increase market share for responsible contractors, work opportunities for skilled workers, and value for taxpayers by executing a comprehensive program of procurement oversight, jobsite monitoring, market analysis, legal advocacy, and public policy education.

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