Downtown Tinley

Downtown AerialIt doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong resident of Tinley Park or just a visitor passing through – it’s likely you’ve spent more than a few hours in Downtown Tinley, shopping for treasures at a local store or throwing back a few drinks as a band rocks out on stage.

Located on Oak Park Avenue between 165th and 183rd streets, Downtown Tinley is where you'll find amazing events, delectable dining, wonderful local shops, services, treats, fun activities, health, beauty and more. There's so much happening that you'll never be at a loss for something fun to do! Be sure to "Like" the Downtown Tinley Facebook page to keep updated on everything going on.

Despite its reputation as a prime place for fantastic food, live music and great deals, Downtown Tinley still has room to grow even bigger and better. The Village has initiated several endeavors such as the Downtown Tinley Playbook, Harmony Square and the New Bremen TIF District that it hopes will help Downtown Tinley thrive and give businesses the tools they’ll need to succeed in the coming years.

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