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Current Projects

The Village of Tinley Park has several ongoing or upcoming projects/initiatives occurring in town. See the Current Developments story map or click the picture below for more information on current projects.

Harmony Square
The Village of Tinley Park recently broke ground on Harmony Square, a new multi-use plaza that will be located at the corner of Oak Park Avenue and North Street in Downtown Tinley. See the Harmony Square page for more information.

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Wayfinding Sign Program
The Marketing Department, in coordination with the Marketing and Branding Commission, has been working with KMA on the development of a Village-wide wayfinding sign program. This initiative has included the development and review of the Village's existing sign inventory, the facilitation and analysis of a public survey, research on local and federal regulatory signage requirements and the collection of vehicular traffic counts throughout the community. Update: This project has been deferred until 2023.

Pavement Projects
See below for more information on infrastructure projects occurring in the Village of Tinley Park.

94th Avenue Roadway Improvement Project
Project improvements entail Class D pavement patching; pavement removal and replacement with two-inch level binder and HMA surface course N70, curb and gutter removal and replacement; driveway removal and replacement; permanent pavement striping, and any additional improvements associated with the project.
Project Update [May 2024]: This project will start on May 8, 2024 (weather permitting) and last through late June. The project limits are from 171st to 183rd streets. Work will entail sidewalk replacements at the certain intersections, street resurfacing, pavement base patching with shoulder stone. Please be advised there will be one lane traffic during construction hours, so plan accordingly.

Oak Park Avenue Roadwork
The Village of Tinley Park is working with Iroquois Paving to adjust 18 structures and patch around the ATT manholes along Oak Park Ave between 176th and 167th streets. The project includes adjustments of these structures to grade to improve rideability and eliminate bumps in the road. The project began on Monday, Nov. 13 and is expected to take approximately four days to complete. Drivers are encouraged to watch out for daily lane changes and construction workers.

Pavement Management Program
The annual Pavement Management Program (PMP) includes HMA resurfacing, sidewalk and curb removal and replacement, ADA sidewalk ramp replacement, structure adjustments, parkway restoration and other miscellaneous work. More information is available on the Public Works page.
Project Update [April 2024]: This project is expected to start on April 15, 2024.

175th Street Improvements
The Village of Tinley Park is working with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways to reconstruct 175th Street from Oak Park Avenue to approximately 600 feet east of Ridgeland Avenue; Ridgeland Avenue from approximately 600 feet south of 175th Street to Oak Forest Avenue; and Oak Forest Avenue to 1,000 feet northeast of the intersection. Improvements will include full pavement replacement; storm sewer installation; water main and sanitary main relocation; curb and gutter replacement; ADA ramps, sidewalk and multiuse path construction; and street lighting and traffic signal replacement.
Project Update [June 2024]: Pan-Oceanic Engineering Company is the contractor for this project. During construction, 175th Street, Ridgeland Avenue and Oak Forest Avenue will be restricted to one-way in the EB/NB directions. Westbound 175th Street and southbound Ridgeland Avenue will be closed through work zone limits and traffic detoured via Central Avenue, 167th Street, Oak Park Avenue and 177th Street.

Sidewalk Flatwork and Curb Program
The Village’s annual Sidewalk Flatwork and Curb Program addresses any required concrete maintenance. The scope of work consists of removal, replacement and construction of new concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and driveways at various locations throughout the Village as determined by staff.
Project Update [April 2024]: This project is expected to start on April 8, 2024.

Infrastructure Improvement Projects
See below for more information on infrastructure improvement projects occurring in the Village of Tinley Park.

Kimberly Heights Drainage Improvements Project
The Kimberly Heights Drainage Improvement Project consists of installation of new storm sewer within the right of way for improvements of the drainage conditions in the area. The Village will be working with P.T. Ferro and only will be constructing Phase 1 and 2 of the project as shown below. Any areas that have been disturbed will be restored with the project.
Project Update [April 2024]: The contractor has begun installation of the storm sewer on James Street, along with the laterals and structures. The contractor will then move on to Mark Lane.

Kimberly Heights Drainage

LED Street Lighting Replacement
The Village of Tinley Park has contracted with Utility Dynamics Corp. to upgrade the street lighting in the Odyssey Club subdivision. The first phase of work will entail the installation of the light pole foundations and underground conduit between the foundations and to the new lighting controllers. This work is scheduled to commence on or about March 13. See the Notice to Residents for more information.

Helipad Improvements
The Village received a Rebuild Illinois grant to improve the Helipad on 183rd Street. In general, improvements will include pavement reconstruction, lighting, fencing, security, gates, etc.
Project Update [April 2024]:
Public Works staff has reached out to D Construction to obtain an anticipated start date for this project.

Post 5 Sanitary Lift Station Upgrades
Post 5 (171st Street and 80th Avenue) will be upgraded with new pumps, soft starts, control panels and control building. A back-up generator also will be installed. The existing wetwell will be epoxy-coated, and a secondary wetwell will be constructed for wet weather events.
Project Update [April 2024]: All remaining restoration will be completed in the spring of 2024.

New Water Meter Vault – Greenway Boulevard
As part of the 80th Avenue improvements, the water meter vault needs to be moved to a new location. A new meter vault will be constructed at Greenway Boulevard near John Michael Drive.
Project Update [April 2024]: All construction is finished. The new vault is fully operational, and the old vault has been demolished. Restoration should be completed in the spring

84th Avenue/179th Street Bike Path Extension
The Village will be extending the bike path between the 183rd Street trail and the 179th Street trail. The estimated construction cost is $210,000. The Village would pay 20% (or $42,000), with the remaining 80% (or $168,000) paid through federal funds. The construction engineering is also grant eligible at 80/20; the Village’s share would be $6,200, and the federal share would be $24,800. The Village will host a public hearing on this project if sufficient resident interest is demonstrated. See the Public Hearing Offer Notice for more information.

Hydrant Flushing
Hydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants. It’s a controlled procedure that is vital to the general maintenance of the Village's water distribution system. It ensures adequate water flow is available to firefighters, residents and businesses. It also helps maintain the Village's water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains (distribution pipes). The Village begins annual hydrant flushing in mid-September after water restrictions are lifted. Flushing continues until the weather drops below 32 degrees. Flushing restarts in early spring once temperatures allow.

Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing
The Village's smoke testing project consists of inspecting sanitary sewer manholes and smoke testing the sewer pipes between manholes. The smoke is non-toxic and should not enter homes unless there is an issue with your private sewer service. There is no need for the contractors performing the work to enter homes. See a list of frequently asked questions for more information. Other questions can be directed to Public Works at (708) 444-5500.
Project Update [April 2024]: Testing is complete for the 2023 season. The project will resume in the summer of 2024.

Sanitary Sewer Lining
The Village has contracted with Benchmark Construction to perform sanitary sewer lining starting near 167th Street and Parliament Avenue, running through McCarthy Park and ending near 170th Street and 80th Avenue. The project will involve cleaning, televising and curing-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining the 18-inch sanitary sewer in the area, and epoxy coating five sanitary sewer manholes. There will be little to no impact on traffic in the area. Work is being done to reduce inflow and infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.

Non-Village Projects
The below projects are not being conducted by the Village of Tinley Park but are included here as a reference for residents.

Traffic Signal Upgrades
The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways will be making upgrades to the traffic signals at 80th Avenue and 167th Street this year. See this flyer for more information.

IDOT Upcoming Projects
See this document for details on upcoming IDOT projects.

80th Avenue Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction
Will County will perform widening and reconstruction of 80th Avenue from 191st Street to 183rd Street. The project will include constructing additional through lanes and turn lanes; the construction/reconstruction of two 12-foot through lanes in each direction; the construction of an 18-foot barrier median; traffic signal installation/modifications at 185th Street and 183rd Street; construction of noise walls on the northwest corner of the 183rd street intersection; replacement of triple circular culverts with a bridge over Union Drainage Ditch; and replacement of culvert for a tributary to the Union Drainage Ditch. Part of this project includes construction of a 190-foot-long bridge over Union Drainage Ditch. The bridge will include two 12-foot lanes in each direction and a 15-foot multiuse path.
Project Update [May 2024]: The bi-weekly meeting was held on May 23, 2024 at Benesch's Field Office. The main topic of discussion was the need to detour northbound traffic starting on Memorial Day for seven days. Other items included bridge and railing improvements, storm sewer improvements, and underground utility improvements.
80th Avenue Bridge Branding

Oak Lawn Water Rates/Infrastructure Improvements
The water system infrastructure improvements that Oak Lawn and its engineering firm have been designing are scheduled to be completed in 2023. The new system will have dual, redundant feeds; more modern and efficient pump stations; and significantly larger capacity.

Nicor Gas System Modernization
Nicor Gas and its contractor (NPL) will be modernizing the gas systems in Tinley Park. Read the project newsletter for more information, including project-specific contact information, descriptions of the major steps involved in the project, and what to expect if your property will be directly involved. For other information, visit Nicor's website, call (630) 388-3333 or send an email to

Interstate 80 Bridge Work
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is undertaking a $48 million project to replace the eastbound Interstate 80 bridges over Hickory Creek, Richards Street, Rowell Avenue/Canadian National Railroad and westbound over Richards Street, in Joliet, Rockdale and New Lenox. The project is part of advance work leading to the $1.2 billion reconstruction of I-80 through Will County as part of the Rebuild Illinois capital program. Read the IDOT news release for more information.

Small Cell Antennas
The Village has approved permits with AT&T and Verizon to install small cell antennas on utility poles in several public right of ways across Tinley Park. The State passed the Illinois Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act in 2018 requiring all municipalities to accept these kinds of installations. The law limits local authority to review and permit small cell antennas, including prohibiting the ability to deny or require any zoning approval. The intent of the law was to allow carriers easier ability to expand cell coverage by limiting local regulations. This is because cell coverage has been viewed as a necessary public utility and public safety need. Additionally, personal and environmental effects of any telecommunication facilities may only be regulated by the FCC and has been federal law since 1996. Tinley Park (along with most Illinois municipalities) opposed the small cell law as an overreach by the State and something that should be allowed to be controlled locally. However, it passed and remains a requirement that the Village cannot deny the permits. The Village has put the strictest regulations allowed in place to ensure these cell antennas blend in as much as possible and don’t detract from the community.

Locations: 8342 W. 163rd Street