Current Projects

The Village of Tinley Park has several ongoing or upcoming projects/initiatives occurring in town.

Downtown Tinley Redevelopment
See below for more information on Downtown Tinley redevelopment occurring in the Village of Tinley Park.

Harmony Square Plaza
The Harmony Square development will be a public plaza located in Downtown Tinley. The development is a key component of the Village's recently completed branding initiative that makes music the focus of Tinley Park. This downtown public space will be programmed at least 250 days of the year and will be a destination for residents and regional visitors alike. The Village is working with the Lakota Group on the site design for Harmony Square. Those who were unable to attend the open house in December can check out the 10-minute Harmony Square Open House video. A formal groundbreaking ceremony was held March 13 at Oak Park Avenue and South Street. 

Construction on North Street will begin April 15 in preparation for Harmony Square. The roadwork is being performed by Austin-Tyler Construction and includes the reconstruction and beautification of North Street. During the first leg of construction, the eastern portion of North Street will be closed. Commuters looking to access the train station parking lot can enter through the western entrance closest to Oak Park Avenue. Work will move to the western portion of the road in July, during which time parking lot access will switch to the eastern entrance. Please see a map of the initial work area for more information. Update [April 9, 2019]: The roadway on the east end will be closed starting April 15 for construction of Phase One of the project.

The Boulevard
Staff has been working with the developer of the Boulevard, a mixed-use development on South Street. A Public Hearing was held Sept. 6, 2018, and the project was unanimously approved for recommendation to the Village Board. The Boulevard is proposed as a two-phase project with 31,700 square feet of commercial space and 165 residential units. The four-story structure has surface parking for residents at the rear of the property. The Village Board will discuss the incentive agreement at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Oct. 9, 2018. First reading of the adopting ordinances will be considered at the Oct. 16, 2018 Village Board meeting. Final adoption is scheduled for the November 6, 2018 village board meeting.

SIP New Wine Bar Concept
Local entrepreneur Neal Hummitsch (Salina’s) has proposed a new concept for a self-serve wine bar and restaurant with outdoor patios at the former Attic Door, 17424 S. Oak Park Ave. A Public Hearing was held on Aug. 16, 2018 and was unanimously approved for Village Board consideration. The Village Board approved the requested variations at its Sept. 18, 2018 meeting. The proposal includes an addition to the existing structure with a second-floor residential unit. The proposed architecture for the addition reflects the original architecture of the structure.
Project Update [March 7, 2019]: The SIP permit is under review.

The Banging Gavel
The Banging Gavel will be a brewery, restaurant/public house, outdoor patio and residence housed in the historic Vogt building at 6811 Hickory St., Tinley Park. The brewing production will occur on the ground floor. The restaurant/public house will be on the first floor, and private events and the kitchen will be on the second floor. The outdoor patio will provide food and beverage service, as well as live music. The third floor will be a private residential unit. The restaurant/public house will be open Tuesday through Sunday with reduced hours for the patio. The brewery will operate seven days a week.
Project Update [March 7, 2019]: The Banging Gavel permit is under review.

New Downtown Streetscape Project
Staff met with Lakota representatives on Oct. 1, 2018 to kick-off the Streetscape Master Plan Project for the downtown area. Lakota will be providing streetscape designs for the Boulevard and Bremen Station projects, as well as the new Harmony Square. The planning is expected to take three months and will include Oak Park Avenue from 159th Street to 183rd Street, along with portions of the side streets extending in both directions from Oak Park Avenue.

Oak Park Playbook
The Village of Tinley Park is committed to assuring the long-term viability of the community, assisting with business start-ups and supporting tourism. One of the key goals is to develop a signature downtown where residents can live, shop, dine and be entertained. To support this effort, in May 2018 the Village began offering the Oak Park Playbook – a series of five grants specifically designed to encourage Downtown Tinley business owners to invest in and improve their respective properties.

New Bremen TIF District
The Village recently created the New Bremen Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, which is bounded by 172nd Street on the north, 179th Street on the south, 67th Avenue and 66th Court on the east, and 69th Avenue on the west. At about 89 acres, the new TIF district consists of 275 tax parcels and includes commercial, residential, government/institutional, mixed-use, railroad and right-of-way land uses. The New Bremen TIF replaced the Main Street South TIF, which was created in 2003 and was set to expire in 2026 after its 23-year life cycle had run its course. Due in part to the 2007 recession, which greatly hindered development in the area, the remaining eight years left on the TIF were insufficient to allow any meaningful development to occur. In response, the Village decided to create the New Bremen TIF in order to give a new set of 23 incremental tax years to support redevelopment and infrastructure improvements in Downtown Tinley.

Freedom Pond
The Village of Tinley Park is in the process of completing Freedom Pond, a naturalized detention basin located on eight acres of the Panduit property at the north-east corner of 175th Street and Ridgeland Avenue. Work is being performed by Dyer Construction and began in spring 2017. The installation of landscaping and decorative elements will begin spring 2018.
Project Update [Dec. 7, 2018]: Project completion has been delayed by the MWRD Structure Rehabilitation Project. Anticipated completion is now fall 2019.

Village-Wide Projects
See below for more information on Village-wide projects occurring in the Village of Tinley Park.

Branding Initiative
The Village’s rebranding effort seeks to transform Tinley Park into an Illinois music mecca through the enhancement of its existing assets, such as the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater and its award-winning school bands, and through the addition of several new features such as a new downtown plaza and a dedicated indoor music facility.

Wayfinding Sign Program
The Marketing Department, in coordination with the Marketing and Branding Commission, has been working with KMA on the development of a Village-wide wayfinding sign program. This initiative has included the development and review of the Village's existing sign inventory, the facilitation and analysis of a public survey, research on local and federal regulatory signage requirements and the collection of vehicular traffic counts throughout the community.

Fire Station No. 47

In order to meet the 21st Century needs of the Tinley Park Fire Department, the Village will demolish Fire Station No. 47 and construct a new station in its place. Key features of the new station will include bunk room facilities to accommodate constant occupancy of as many as six to eight firefighters; a locker room; more privacy for showers and changing; upgraded safety and cancer prevention measures for staff that separate them from potentially dangerous equipment; more storage for gear; a fitness room; a room for meetings and conferences; direct pathways to apparatus, resulting in quicker access; a dedicated drive-through so trucks won’t have to back into the garage at 167th Street, which can cause traffic issues; and high-quality, durable furnishings that can withstand constant use for years. Demolition of the old building is slated to begin in spring 2019, with construction to follow. The Village has hired FGM Architects of Oak Brook to design the new facility.

LED Streetlights
The Village of Tinley Park has begun replacing all streetlights on Village-owned right of ways with new LED technology that will provide a substantial annual cost savings, cleaner light and instant notification of outages. For more information, read the LED Install Schedule and the LED Contract Drawings.
Project Update [Dec. 28, 2018]: The original contract work is 100% complete, but the Village issued a change order in November 2018 which included retrofitting 123 additional light heads. All the work associated with this change order is currently in the construction stage and is anticipated to be completed by the end of January 2019. 

Former Tinley Park Mental Health Center Property
At approximately 280 acres, the State Campus property (formerly occupied by the Tinley Park Mental Health Center) is the single-largest development opportunity in Tinley Park. The Village has the opportunity to create a legacy project that can complement the entire Village. Following a Request for Qualifications to the development community, which resulted in five proposals, the Village entered into
an Exclusive Negotiation Rights Agreement (ENRA) with Melody Square, LLC in January 2019. The agreement will allow the Village and developer to continue to explore acquisition options for the property for a period of six months. Also during this time period, the Village and Melody Square, LLC will continue to negotiate and discuss land use and incentive proposals. Any final agreements and/or zoning entitlements will eventually be reviewed by the Plan Commission and the Village Board.

The Magnuson
The Magnuson is a multi-family development with 144 units to be located at 19248-19288 Magnuson Lane. The luxury apartment complex, which includes a clubhouse, pool and roof terraces, was approved by the Village Board on Dec. 5, 2017. There will be four residential structures with 36 residential apartment units in each with underground parking. Construction is expected to commence in the spring of 2019.
Project Update [March 7, 2019]: The Magnuson has plans under review for a foundation-only permit.

Water Meter Replacement 
The Village of Tinley Park has hired United Meters, Inc. to replace all Severn-Trent/Elster water meters in town with Sensus iPERL water meters. As of June 5, 2018, United Meters Inc. and the Tinley Park Public Works Department have installed nearly 21,000 new water meters in residential homes in town. Installation is anticipated to be complete by mid-summer 2019. 

Project Update: The Village has approximately 400 meters left to replace. Installation is anticipated to be completed during the summer of 2019.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras
The Village hired F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates LLC to install License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at the intersection of 183rd Street and Harlem Avenue. The first installation took place in December 2017, with the second installation following in January 2018. More cameras are being installed on Harlem Avenue, 183rd Street and Northcreek Drive. LPR cameras work by taking pictures of license plates and then converting the images to computer data that can be checked against a database. The LPR camera project has moved on to 191st Street and Harlem Avenue. Additional locations will be determined and bid out in the near future.

Pavement Projects
See below for more information on infrastructure projects occurring in the Village of Tinley Park.

Multi-Use Bike Path
The Village has contracted with PT Ferro to construct a new 10-foot-wide hot mix asphalt multi-use path along the south side of 183rd Street from Convention Center Drive to Oak Park Avenue and on the west side of Oak Park Avenue from South Pointe Drive to 183rd Street. PCC sidewalks will also be installed along Convention Center Drive and on the north side of 183rd Street in front of Culver’s. PT Ferro completed excavation for the multi-use path on 183rd Street and installed the two new catch basins at the east end. The next step is to place the aggregate subbase 6-inch under the path. The project is on hold until spring 2019.

Oak Park Avenue Resurfacing
The Village has contracted with Iroquois Paving Corporation to resurface Oak Park Avenue from 159th Street to just north of the 167th Street intersection. Construction began July 10 and is scheduled to be complete by Nov. 30, weather permitting. Oak Park Avenue will be down to two lanes during construction. Drivers will still be able to access all driveways. Work includes curb and gutter removal/replacement, hot mix asphalt (HMA) and Portland cement concrete (PCC) patches, HMA and PCC driveway removal/replacement, sidewalk removal/replacement, detectable warning plate installation, drainage structure adjustments, parkway restoration, pavement marking, detector loop replacements and multi-use path installation along the east side from 165th Street to Village Hall. The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) granted the Village 70% funding for roadway improvements along Oak Park Avenue from 167th to 159th streets. The Village will pay the agreement costs and will be eligible for 70% reimbursement from the Illinois Department of Transportation. There will also be a 10-foot wide multi-use path added on the east side of Oak Park Avenue between 163rd Street and 165th Street.
Project Update [January 2019]: Iroquois completed installing aggregate subgrade improvement 12 inch and placed the HMA Base Course 6 inch and the HMA Binder course on the west side of Oak Park Avenue. Work Zone Safety striped the roadway in the permanent configuration on the binder course with temporary paint pavement markings and opened the roadway to traffic. All of the barricades have been removed. Work Zone Safety also installed "Bump" signs at the two AT&T manholes. Project will resume spring 2019.

80th Avenue Station Repairs
The Village has hired F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates to replace four deteriorating staircases and perform railing replacement and site restoration at the 80th Avenue Metra train station. The steps have been closed to the public for several months. The Village also is working with the station’s original architect and the bond company for the contractor, which is no longer in business, to determine the cause of other maintenance issues at the station and the best way in which to fix them. Demolition began on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. There will be two phases of two staircases each, for a total of four. The Village is anticipating full completion by the end of June. There will be a few parking spots blocked off for material staging. Please see the Work Schedule and the Site Phasing and Staging Plan for more information. The Village appreciates commuters’ patience during the repair. 
Project Update [Dec. 7, 2018]: Four staircases were replaced in 2018, Concrete and railing repairs will continue in 2019.

175th Street Improvements
The Village is conducting an engineering study for improvements to 175th Street from Oak Park to approximately 600 feet east of Ridgeland Avenue; Ridgeland Avenue from approximately 600 feet south of 175th Street north to Oak Forest Avenue; and Oak Forest Avenue from Ridgeland Avenue to 1100 feet east. Proposed improvements entail total reconstruction of the roadways, including: new curb and gutter, sidewalks, a multi-use path along Ridgeland Avenue, on-street bike lanes along 175th Street, a new drainage system, proposed roadway lighting, and various utility improvements. For this project, the Village is working with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways. Final design approval is anticipated for summer 2020, with a construction schedule that is to-be-determined and subject to Cook County funding and right of way acquisition. Project Update [Jan. 10, 2019]: The Village will host an open house for this project from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5 at Village Hall, 16250 S. Oak Park Ave., Tinley Park. The open house will include exhibits of the intended intersection improvements.

Water/Sewer Projects

Hydrant Flushing
Hydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants. It’s a controlled procedure that is vital to the general maintenance of the Village's water distribution system. It ensures adequate water flow is available to firefighters, residents and businesses. It also helps maintain the Village's water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains (distribution pipes). Hydrant flushing is completed for 2018 and will resume spring 2019.

Hydrant Painting
The hydrant painting program is a multi-year program in which the Village's selected contractor comes to a specific area of town to paint hydrants. The Village has divided the town into multiple sections based on number of hydrants. The contractor sandblasts each hydrant, sprays the hydrant with a primer, and then paints the hydrant yellow. The caps of the fire hydrants are painted a different color based on the water main size. The color coding helps Village staff in the field when there's a water main leak or when other repairs are needed to the water main. The hydrants are also updated into GIS with the date they have been painted.
Project Update [March 4, 2019]: The hydrant painting program is 40% done and is stalled due to weather.

Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing
Several sanitary sewers in Tinley Park will be tested for leaks using a method that involves smoke. The testing limits are from 167th Street south to 171st Street, starting from Oak Park Avenue to Ridgeland Avenue. The Village's contractor will blow tracing smoke into the municipal sewer to locate leaks. The smoke is not harmful and should not enter your premises unless there is a dry trap or plumbing problem present. If you detect smoke in your building, simply open a window and the smoke will dissipate quickly. If you see the smoke testing crew, inform them if any smoke has entered the building. To prevent smoke from coming up through drains, pour about a quart of water into the drains to fill the traps before the project begins. Sink and bathtub drains, especially in spare bathrooms, also should be checked to make sure traps contain water. Doing this also prevents odors from the outside sewers from entering homes. During the testing, you may also notice smoke coming from the plumbing vent stack on the roof of your or your neighbor’s house. For more information, call the Village's Public Works Office Coordinator Bill Gomolka at (708) 444-5507 or Al Berkner with Sewer Assessment Services at (630) 398-9161. Project Update [January 2019]: Project will resume in 2019.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising – Ridgeland Avenue
The Village of Tinley Park has entered into a contract with Airy’s, Inc. to perform sanitary sewer cleaning and televising work along Ridgeland Avenue between 167th and 175th streets. The Village will use this information to assess the condition of the sanitary sewer pipes and manholes within these limits. Work is being done during normal business hours and is slated to be complete by July 2018. Minor disruptions should be anticipated during these operations. This project is slated to be complete by November 2018. Project Update [January 2019]: The sanitary sewer cleaning and televising has been completed by Airy’s Inc. CBBEL is still in the process of reviewing the televising videos and reports. In regards to the sewer and manhole repair at Ridgeland Avenue and 175th Street, the construction schedule is pending due to continued coordination with the district regarding the junction chamber. Preliminary plans for the district’s project were forwarded to the Village. The district is expected to address the junction chamber design at its July board meeting. Following approval, the contractor will mobilize, and the Village’s scope of improvements will be completed simultaneously with the district’s junction chamber project. Work will likely start late summer or into the fall. Project Update [April 2019]: For Airy's Inc. to continue with the sanitary improvements, a temporary by-pass system is required to by-pass the heavity sanitary flow from the sanitary sewer flowing south on Ridgeland Avenue and into the manhole at 175th Street that will be rehabilitated as part of the improvements. Weather permitting, work on the temporary sanitary sewer systems is anticipated to be completed by April 24th. Once the by-pass system is operational, Airy's Inc. will commence with the sanitary improvements needed at the intersection of 175th Street and Ridgeland Avenue.


Non-Village Projects
The below projects are not being conducted by the Village of Tinley Park but are included here as a reference for residents.

80th Avenue Widening Project
Will County will perform widening and reconstruction of 80th Avenue from 191st Street to 183rd Street. The project will include constructing additional through lanes and turn lanes; the construction/reconstruction of two 12-foot through lanes in each direction; the construction of an 18-foot barrier median; traffic signal installation/modifications at 185th Street and 183rd Street; construction of noise walls on the northwest corner of the 183rd street intersection; replacement of triple circular culverts with a bridge over Union Drainage Ditch; and replacement of culvert for a tributary to the Union Drainage Ditch.

Harlem Avenue Resurfacing
The Illinois Department of Transportation will be resurfacing Harlem Avenue from 159th Street to Route 30. Construction is slated to begin in April 2019 and should be completed by June 2020. Project Update [April 2019]: Harlem Avenue from 159th Street in Tinley Park to Lincoln Highway in Matteson and Frankfort Square will require daily lane closures with flaggers beginning, weather permitting, Monday, April 29. The work is expected to be completed between U.S. 30 and 171st Street in October. The work between 171st Street and 159th Street is expected to be completed in June 2020.

Oak Lawn Water Rates/Infrastructure Improvements
The water system infrastructure improvements that Oak Lawn and its engineering firm have been designing are scheduled to be completed in 2023. The new system will have dual, redundant feeds; more modern and efficient pump stations; and significantly larger capacity.

MWRD Structure Rehabilitation Pipelining
The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) will perform structure rehabilitation and pipelining along 175th Street and Ridgeland Avenue in order to update the infrastructure and prevent further deterioration of the existing pipes and structures, which were installed in the 1960s. This is an MWRD project and will incur no cost to the Village of Tinley Park.
Project Update [January 2019]: This project has been put on hold until March 2019. The 175th Street and Ridgeland Avenue intersection is fully open.